• @fitbunnyjill

Zucchini Sauce

  • August 22, 2019

Created by Team Bunny Athlete: Christine Dobrocky


  • 4 zucchini
  • ½ cup salsa
  • 1 tsp herb and garlic seasoning or substitute for any seasoning of choice


  1. Chop zucchini into small circular pieces
  2. Bring water in a pot to a boil
  3. Add zucchini to boiling water
  4. Let zucchini cook for approximately 5-10 minutes on medium heat
  5. Check periodically to ensure the zucchini has cooked enough to a soft consistency
  6. Strain zucchini and let sit and cool for 10 minutes
  7. Place zucchini in the pot and mash it up with a fork
  8. Add in ½ cup of salsa – you can add addition salsa for desired consistency – the more salsa you add the more of a sauce you will get. The less salsa used will yield a more paste like consistency
  9. Add desired seasonings and spices


  • This delicious zucchini sauce/paste can be add to any dish that may require added flavour and substance without unhealthy added calories or preservatives found in store bought sauces and pastes.
  • Use it as a topping on top of rice, potatoes and meat dishes such as fish, chicken and turkey.
  • An excellent way to get your daily vegetable servings in as well.