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For Women

Do You Struggle To Lose Weight?

The only fitness psychology weight loss program that focuses on building a positive relationship with the scale.  Together we will re-wire negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours that have stopped you from losing weight in the past. 

Whether you desire to workout at a gym, or in the comfort of your own home, we will make a workout plan to fit your lifestyle. Prefer to follow a keto, low-carb, paleo or vegan style meal plan? No problem, we will customize a plan that suits your needs!


+ Creating a nutrition and training plan that you can sustain.

+ Understanding how to eat and train for YOUR body type, goals and lifestyle.

+ Understanding your emotional triggers that effect consistency and motivation

+ Creating a healthy relationship with the scale.

+ Optimizing stress hormones.

As your 1-to-1 fitness coach, we can:

Put an end to the “I will start again Monday” mentality, and learn how to bounce back if an obstacle arises. You are NOT alone in your weight-loss journey!

You deserve to look and feel your best. You deserve to make your weight goals a priority.

Transformation results Include:

Together, we will explore what is stopping you from achieving the weight loss goals you have been working so hard to achieve. We will design your custom 1:1 weight loss program that suits your budget, food preferences and schedule!

If you are truly ready for a body and mind that you can confidently have LONG-TERM , I am here for you.

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1-to-1 Online Coaching for Weight-Loss
1-to-1 Online Weight-Loss Coaching

Sustainable Weight Loss Coaching Includes:

My approach to weight loss is multi-dimensional. I believe the root of most women’s weight struggles are caused by early relationships and experiences. I find that relationships and experiences have a profound impact on the ways in which women think and behave around food and exercise.

 I want to help you grow a deeper understanding of how you have gotten where you are in your fitness, while focusing on tangible ways you can make changes to your mind and body.

The ‘Gold’ Coaching Program Includes:

  • Weekly Check-Ins With Your Coach Jill Bunny
  • Progressive Training Plans (At-Home and or the Gym) to Increase Your Metabolic Burn
  • Weekly Private Coaching Calls using CBT methodology
  • Customized Nutrition Plans 
  • Supplement Guidance to Enhance Energy + Focus
  • Access to the Private Facebook Community 
  • Recover Your Fitness Perspective Course  ($299 Value)

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