• @fitbunnyjill

Why Do I Train?

  • June 12, 2019

Everyone goes to the gym (or trains at home) for different reasons. Today I’m going to share with you the reasons I train, and I want to know why you train too.

First, let me tell you why I USED to train:

  • To look better
  • To lose body fat
  • To look better to other people
  • To win shows and be respected by the fitness industry

Years ago, those were my reasons for going to the gym. Do you see a trend with those five primary reasons? None of them are all that positive, and some reasons where centered on the opinions of other people. Needless to say, these reasons for training were not sustainable for the long term. Training wasn’t always fun; it was more like a chore. I lost motivation for hitting the weights especially after I retired from competing.

Now at this day and time, I train for entirely different reasons:

  • First and foremost – to get stronger
  • Because it’s enjoyable
  • To challenge myself and see what I’m capable of doing
  • To build character (yes, lifting weights most certainly builds character)
  • To test out different methods of training for Team Bunny Clients
  • To increase and maintain my health
  • To keep myself in shape so I can participate in other physical activities

My reasons for training today are much more positive and completely different from my reasons for training back in the day. I’m no longer concerned with burning calories or looking good for other people. Yes, looking good is a wonderful thing, but for me it is more of a side-effect from training for strength. I too want to look good, but it’s not my primary goal; it’s just an added benefit from training hard and eating smart.

Right now I train for lifestyle photoshoots / Team Bunny Photoshoot Retreats. I also train everyday to build new programs (The Ultimate At Home Workout Program was the most recent training program I finished… which is now available to purchase).

This journey doesn’t end either. Even once I reach a specific goal (i.e. creating a new program or being able to do the splits) I’ll just set a new one and keep going. This journey never ends, even though my goals may change over time.

Now your reasons for training may be completed different from my own. Some people train because they want to look good naked, plain and simple. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that if it keeps you going to the gym consistently and long term. But sooner or later, adding a more positive goal to the list will give you even more motivation.

Ask yourself this question: Why do I train?

If necessary, make a list and be completely honest with yourself. If you find you lack consistent motivation to go to the gym, it may be time to come up with some different reasons for training. Whatever you do, make those reasons positive. For example, having the goal of “squatting twice my bodyweight” is much more positive and motivating than saying “I want to lose weight”.

Once you have answered the question above…. what action are you going to take? If Team Bunny can be part of your journey, contact us today, and we will find a program that works for YOU!