Overcome Your Weight Problems
With The ONLY
On-Line Weight-Scale Mentorship Program!

Have you lost some weight in the past, only to have it come right back (and maybe even more)?

If so, the reason is not that you are weak or destined to be this weight forever. It has to do with how you lose weight.

You see, the first step to effective and long-term weight loss is not to manage your eating but rather to address your mind and why you eat the way you do. Factors that play a role include your self-image, everyday stress and negative emotions and behaviours.

Forget ineffective diets that last a few months. Get into a program where you will use conventional weight-loss methods combined with cognitive behaviour therapy and neuroscience strategies to guide you out of those negative thinking habits and behavioural patterns that cause your weight problems.

"Learn how to make changes in how you view the scale, so that
you can make permanent changes to your mind and body."

6 Month Mentorship:

Learn How To:

+ Think differently and overcome common pitfalls and unhelpful thoughts about the scale.
+ Reduce feeling of stress and overwhelm when it comes to the number you see on the scale.
+ Feel confident in your ability to step on the scale and not have it "ruin" your day.
+ Remain motivated to maintain a healthy weight.

24x 1-to-1 Calls:

What Your Mentorship Includes:

+ 30 minute coaching calls – Phone, or Zoom.
+ Mental fitness homework/assignments.
+ Support via email, and our scheduled phone calls.
+ Custom food + workout programming
+ 4 Week CBT-Fitness Course
+ 12 Week Weight Loss Education Course.
+ 3 Years of follow-up accountability

This mentorship program will help you become aware of why you eat the way you do and what everyday situations trigger you to over-eat or eat the unhelpful types of food. This will allow you to lose weight and to keep it off over the long term.

Specifically, this program is designed to help women lose weight, while also developing a healthier relationship with the scale.  With the help of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and neuroscience, you will learn to identify and challenge the automatic negative thoughts about the scale that cause your weight problems. Learning how to make permanent changes in your thinking will create permanent changes in your eating. You will be able to identify what situations trigger your unhealthy eating and learn new ways to deal with your emotions – instead of numbing them with food. 

With 1-to-1 private calls, you will be able to incorporate healthy eating habits into your lifestyle. You will step on the scale and learn how to react to the number more adaptively. This will help you to reach your weight loss goal and to maintain your desired weight. You can do this, and I am here to assist you along the way!

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