Weight Loss



Eliminate Fad Diets &

Embrace a Sustainable Approach to Losing Weight!

This course introduces the fundamental concepts behind Jill Bunny’s functional medicine and CBT-Fitness approach to weight loss. The course focuses on the reasons why calorie counting and restriction-focused dieting don’t work. It describes, in detail, the role your body’s physiology plays in driving weight loss and weight gain. During your studies, you will learn the many factors related to weight gain and outlines the four scientific methods to drive permanent weight loss. 

The Solution to Long-Term Weight Loss

In The Weight-Loss Education Course You Will: 

  • Understand Your Set Point

    Learn your metabolic thermostat, including if your fat stores are set higher than they should be. Learn what your current weight set-point might be and what you would like it to be at the end of the course.

  • Learn the factors that increase your set point

    Discover how certain foods, exercise, pregnancy, and menopause, genetics, yo-yo dieting, stress, and depression can increase your weight set-point.

  • Learn how to lower your set point

    Change your food quality items, build muscle, and understand weight issues related to medication consumption.

The Weight-Loss Education Course Includes:

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