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The Secret To Successful Weight-Loss

CBT Weight loss coaching can help you work through underlying mental factors that impact your relationship with your body, food and eating. This can help you reach your weight loss goals and produce long-term change.

In this blog post, you will find out more about different emotional and social factors that might be influencing your weight loss journey, and how CBT-inspired weight loss coaching can help you explore these and regain control over your weight.

Is Weight Loss CBT Coaching For Me?

  • Has your weight been a struggle for too much of your life?
  • Have you been on countless diets, your weight yo-yo-ing endlessly up and down?
  • Do you feel helpless, and struggle to believe that you will ever be able to break your unhappy relationship with food, eating, weight and your body?

The CBT weight loss method I use keeps your needs at the forefront of our coaching program. There may well be other issues that underlie your eating behaviour, such as anxiety-related feelings, low mood or low self-worth that will need to be worked through for real change to take place. We will help you explore the big picture of what has contributed to, and now maintains, your struggle with weight. Here are two areas that we may explore with you in the CBT weight loss coaching program:

Food Scripting

We all have a very unique and different upbringing that contributes greatly to the way we eat today.

We call this ‘food scripting’ and the messages we heard from our parents and grandparents, get mixed up with peer group attitudes and the prominent cultural influences of society at that time.

No wonder we get a little confused! The result is we carry a weight, food and eating legacy that is based on decisions, beliefs, values and attitudes that we formed in childhood.

They are out of date and need resolving and updating.

Food as Comfort, Reward and Punishment

Our relationship with food runs deep. It can take on many meanings for us, which are often in conflict with each other.

The reverse is also true, when food is denied it can feel like a punishment. Deprivation, unfairness and anger can result, meaning we want to rebel against the sanctions of authority figures. The problem is today we are both the rule-maker of the dietary restriction and the rebellious child that wants comfort from food.

Do you remember being rewarded with your favourite food if you were a good boy or girl?

After a stressful long day at work, overwhelmed and overloaded we are often left with a strong desire to reward ourselves with food.

How Does CBT Weight Loss Coaching Work?

We respect that you have your own personal story. My job is to listen carefully and make sure you feel heard, seen and understood.

Together we will make sense of the patterns that you present with weight, food, eating and your body.

We will bring into awareness the factors that got you stuck and look for the ones that are now maintaining the vicious cycle you are in with your body.

We will be explicit with the areas we need to focus on. I will support you in acquiring new self-management skills and updating aspects of your personality, so you can achieve your weight loss and life goals.

If you are ready to kick-start your CBT weight loss journey, let’s talk! Book in your discovery call today, by simply sending me a message using the contact page. Look forward to working with you!

Jill Bunny


As a cancer survivor and someone who lives with MS, I know the struggles that can come with life while trying to stay fit, healthy and energetic.