Weekly Accountability


SECRET Membership

Exclusive Accountability

Off-line! Wait... No Social Media?

Welcome to the FIRST accountability membership that is entirely OFF social media! Not a soul will know that you are part of the PERSONAL accountability membership. Which means, there is NO FACEBOOK GROUP to join, or Instagram account to follow, like or comment on. Your membership is a secret. None of the content that will distributed will be found online. 

Every Sunday you will receive a weekly check-in module, through your personal inbox. As your coach and mentor, I will be recording weekly talks, along with a top secret files to download that will help you stick to your goals.

What I love most as a coach, is the 1-to-1 connection, which provides a private, safe and positive environment to learn and grow. I believe with this secret membership – we can create an environment that allows YOU to be the soul focus. 

What Can You Expect?

  • Recorded talks – that will include raw, emotional content, that will never be shared ONLINE!
  • Weekly check-in form (for personal reflection)
  • Worksheets (fillable PDF’s)
  • Recommended learning material (literature, video, audio files). 
  • Intimate diary entries (that I would never share online) 

Can Anyone Join?

Without trying to come off too harsh… NO! 

In order to join the private accountability program, you will need to send me an email. (Or click button below). Please write in the subject line: WEEKLY ACCOUNTABILITY with a message describing what you would like to LEARN. The reason I am asking you to do this is to make sure the content is relevant, and to make sure that other coaches and industry experts do NOT copy the content for their own business. I take pride in learning, and would like to share my knowledge with YOU!

How Much Do You Need To Invest? 

$99.99+HST (Annual Fee)

How Much Am I Investing? 

My entire life’s wisdom and formal education… thus far!