Fitness Commitment Coaching 2021

Most of us have been struggling with stress, overwhelm and feelings of burnout. That is why I developed the Fitness Commitment VIP coaching solution. Using cognitive behaviour-based strategies and strength based methodologies, I will empower you to make healthy lifestyle choices; even amongst the chaos. Your weekly 60 minute coaching calls will help you create a healthy sustainable diet, while teaching the missing link in “mental fitness” – how you think and feel about food and exercise.

Typical trainers and fitness programs assume that you know how to keep yourself from veering off track. As humans, mistakes happen. I will teach you exactly what to do immediately following a “mistake”, and how to solve problems and prevent mistakes in the future. 

YES… this is a 6 month-1 year commitment.  

"Learn how to make changes in your thinking so that
you can make permanent changes to your mind and body."

VIP Mentorship:

Learn How To:

+ Think differently and overcome common dieting pitfalls and unhelpful thoughts.
+ Reduce feeling of stress and overwhelm.
+ Feel confident in your ability to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan.
+ Remain motivated to maintain a healthy weight.

VIP 1-to-1 Calls:

What It Includes:

+ 1 hour coaching calls – Phone, or Zoom.
+ Mental fitness homework/assignments.
+ Support via email, and our scheduled phone calls.
+ Strength-based coaching
+ 4 Week CBT-Fitness Course
+ Fitness for your mind course.

Fitness Commitment Coaching


It can be incredibly difficult to hold yourself accountable, but coaching allows us to build accountability and follow-through by creating powerful agreements


We often get stuck on choices or challenges along the way. Together we will figure out how to deal with obstacles as they arise, break through barriers, and get you taking intentional action towards your fitness vision.


I will help you uncover the sweet spot between challenging and manageable. You will move towards your fitness dreams at a fast clip that is also sustainable.

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