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Team Bunny Success!

  • January 13, 2019

The Secret to my Success 

I’ve just completed the “21 Kickstart” followed by “12 Week Transformation”.   A couple of weeks ago, my husband said to me:  “I think you’ve found the magic in weight loss.”  It made me want to share the secret to my success.  Her name is Jill Bunny.

I have always been an active person and have been fortunate to keep my weight healthy for most of my life.  Around the age of 45, I started to slowly gain 1-2 pounds every year.  It didn’t seem like anything to worry about at the time…fast forward another 7 years and I was now 15-17 pounds heavier than I had ever been.   During all this time, I never stopped my running (8-10 km, 2-3 times a week) and was going to the gym for weight training.  I also thought I had healthy eating habits. However, I was still gaining. Fortunately, I started talking with a fellow Bunny at the gym who introduced me to Jill.  I looked her up, read many testimonials and started following her on Instagram.  I knew had to give this a try.  

Although I have never had a personal coach/trainer before Jill, I have shared many conversations with fellow ladies at the gym who train for competitions.  From these competitors, I know that Jill is exceptional. She is not in it for the money or only for the client “win” at competitions.  She truly is interested in the “best you” possible and achieving your goals in a healthy manner.  If competition is your goal, she will get you there,  not only as your coach but your friend and someone who really cares about you .  If changing your lifestyle to a “healthy lifestyle” is what you are after, Jill is your girl.  She will design workouts and meal plans specifically for you and your goals.  Not only are her workouts easy to follow (plus videos to guide you if needed),  you also don’t have to spend hours at the gym to get through them.   The meal plan she set up for me was the big key to my success.   I was eating healthy and not feeling like I was “dieting”. It was easy to stay on track since I was never hungry.   She is only an email or phone call away, always ready to answer any questions or concerns.  

I am absolutely loving my physical transformation but also my mental transformation.  Through Jill’s personal emails, 7am posts and her CBT knowledge,  I feel like I am attacking challenges in my life in a different way than I used to. I am able to recognize triggers and learning how to deal with negativity or toxicity in a healthy manner.   I believe this is a huge factor in a healthy lifestyle.Thank you Jill Bunny!  You truly are an amazing person, coach and now, friend.  Although I started this email as “Secret to my success”, I think it’s a secret that needs to be shared with anyone and everyone who is willing to make a change.  Put your trust in Jill and you will succeed!