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TEAM BUNNY Athlete: Christina Scriber

  • September 7, 2019

Christina Scriber joined team bunny back in 2016; with the goal of getting her body back to a balanced state after spending a great deal of time competing as a bikini competitor.

But what she didn’t realize; was the incredible opportunities that life can bring – when you are willing to make changes. And I mean HARD CHANGES! Christina was fully open and receptive to re-vamping her food & training – focusing on thyroid & gut healing. It wasn’t easy, but with her stellar determination and focus; we were able to regulate her hormones and find a sweet spot where her body leaned down – while doing “less cardio” and also staying away from the “food deprivation” mentality (that happens with a lot of competitors). She also is a big advocate for proper sleep – making sure she always hits her 8 hour window! Fast forward 3 years, this BUNNY IS ON FIRE & LIVING A HEALTHY, FIT LIFESTYLE!!!!!!

Christina has adopted one of the most balanced, positive and compassionate approaches to her health and fitness over the 3 years… which has landed her numerous photoshoots – including one in Hawaii & one for the corporation she works for! (what I love is that she does the shoots without the need for anyone else’s approval!) That is true power & self-confidence; and one reason why I see her as a role model to both the youth of today and the members of Team Bunny.

What also makes me proud, is her healthy way of eating and training – with a priority on balance! She has a demanding work schedule; which leaves her very little time to get in long workouts. SHE created solutions instead of allowing obstacles to dictate her success. What were some of the solutions?

  • Created an at home workout gym to cut down on time travelling to and from the gym
  • Created weekday – weekend food protocol to work around socializing, travelling and events!
  • Cut down on social media & the people she followed that didn’t serve her new lifestyle!

Christina works hard – and I have had the pleasure of seeing this first hand every week for the past 3 YEARS! She keeps her head down, executes the tasks she sets out; and is always the first to congratulate other bunnies (myself included) for our own achievements. She is selfless, kind and one determined inspirational business women, athlete & wife.

Congrats Christina on all your hard work. Look forward to what’s in store this fall for you! Sky is the limit!

Lots of Love, Jill Bunny xoxo (ONE PROUD COACH!)