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Success is in the Process

  • October 10, 2019

SUCCESS STORY Team Bunny Athlete: Mags

“I am a mother of a busy four-year-old. I have struggled with my weight at various stages of my life ever since I was in middle school. I tried many different types of diets and unhealthy ways in which to lose weight. I even lost 40 pounds at one point in my life and kept it off for about five years. However, because of the manner in which I had lost the weight, it inevitably all came back. I have known Jill for over five years. Once she began her journey to become a CBT specialist and really invested time and energy into researching the right ways to have a realistic mindset, I eagerly picked her brain. Since working with Jill I am proud to say I have lost close to thirty-five pounds. While I am not yet at my goal, this is the first time in my life I feel it is attainable in a healthy way that will ensure the weight stays off for good.

One of the most important lessons I learned from Jill was that I had to change how I looked at losing weight. I couldn’t look for the next quick fix because those work for a short time, but really do not help long-term. Instead of learning how to take care of the body, you are obtaining results that are neither long-lasting or healthy. With Jill’s help and guidance, I changed almost everything I eat on a daily basis. I have always been a picky eater and never one who would even contemplate eating Brussel sprouts, greens, or cauliflower. I lived on carbs and proclaimed constantly that I would never be able to give them up, however I did just that. I replaced those carbs with healthy vegetables and proteins. I (for the most part) gave up snacking, because it was much less about being hungry and much more about being bored. I fell in love with cooking again, not because I was seeking something emotionally from food, but because Jill taught me to view food as fuel for my body.

Jill also provided with me with exercise programs that were realistic not only for my body at the time, but that were adapted as I became healthier. It was something I could easily invest time into at least five days a week. The reason I have such appreciation for Jill’s assistance on my journey to a healthier body is because I know this is not a quick fix, a fad, or a diet. This is a change in life and one that I know I can stick with for the rest of my life. There were some times during this process that I stopped working out for a time, but I did not gain even one pound back. I know that is because, with Jill’s help, I have changed my relationship with food. I live across the country from Jill and she still makes time to help me whenever I reach out!

I could not have done this work without her. I know I can reach my goals and I know the process will be healthy physically and emotionally.

Love, Mags

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