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The Secret to my Success I've just completed the "21 Kickstart" followed by "12 Week Transformation". A couple of weeks ago, my husband said to me: "I think you've found the magic in weight loss." It made me want to share the secret to my success. Her name is Jill Bunny. I have always been an active person and have been fortunate to keep my weight healthy for most of my life. Around the age of 45, I started to slowly gain 1-2 pounds every year. It didn't seem like anything to worry about at the time... fast forward another 7 years and I was now 15-17 pounds heavier than I had ever been. During all this time, I never stopped my running (8-10 km, 2-3 times a week) and was going to the gym for weight training. I also thought I had healthy eating habits. However, I was still gaining.  Fortunately, I started talking with a fellow Bunny at the gym who introduced me to Jill. I looked her up, read many testimonials and started following her on Instagram. I knew had to give this a try. Although I have never had a personal coach/trainer before Jill, I have shared many conversations with fellow ladies at the gym who train for competitions.  From these competitors, I know that Jill is exceptional. She is not in it for the money or only for the client "win" at competitions. She truly is interested in the "best you" possible and achieving your goals in a healthy manner. If competition is your goal, she will get you there, not only as your coach but your friend and someone who really cares about you. If changing your lifestyle to a "healthy lifestyle" is what you are after, Jill is your girl. She will design workouts and meal plans specifically for you and your goals. Not only are her workouts easy to follow (plus videos to guide you if needed), you also don't have to spend hours at the gym to get through them. The meal plan she set up for me was the big key to my success. I was eating healthy and not feeling like I was "dieting". It was easy to stay on track since I was never hungry. She is only an email or phone call away, always ready to answer any questions or concerns. I am absolutely loving my physical transformation but also my mental transformation. Through Jill's personal emails, 7am posts and her CBT knowledge, I feel like I am attacking challenges in my life in a different way than I used to. I am able to recognize triggers and learning how to deal with negativity or toxicity in a healthy manner. I believe this is a huge factor in a healthy lifestyle. Thank you, Jill Bunny! You truly are an amazing person, coach and now, friend.  Although I started this email as "Secret to my success", I think it's a secret that needs to be shared with anyone and everyone who is willing to make a change.  Put your trust in Jill and you will succeed!‘
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the 12 week transformation was the best experience I’ve ever had. I have worked with multiple coaches and companies but Team Bunny is by far the best one. I have never looked and felt better about my body and mental wellbeing! Thank you Jill!
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The question is.... where to begin!! My transformation journey began MANY years ago when I woke up to a realization that my life wasn’t what I had dreamed it to be. I was in a very dark and lonely place, although I had a marriage, a beautiful home, two beautiful daughters. I knew that I couldn’t continue living a life where I was pretending to be someone I wasn’t. The decision to leave that life, wasn’t easy. It took two full years to finally trust myself, to make it on my own with my girls. I knew that I couldn’t raise them in an environment that wasn’t safe. So I moved on, I was only 25 years old.

Fast forward MANY years, and I reflect back on my journey; I joined the YMCA as it provided subsidized memberships, so my girls could get something out of it as well. I began to MOVE! I lost some weight, added some muscle and more importantly gained back some confidence!!

Progressing daily, I found a new passion in group fitness, and completely stepped out of my comfort zone and began teaching!! It was there, that I truly found myself; in others!! I could relate to their sadness, their pain and I wanted to make a difference!!! I continued in that direction, and took the biggest leap of my life… quitting my full-time job, to run my own BOOTCAMP Business at 40yrs old I haven’t looked back since and couldn’t be happier!!

As my girls grew and became women themselves; I knew it was time for a NEW side of me. I followed Jill, and #teambunny for the better part of a year before reaching out to her. That day, CHANGED MY LIFE!!

Jill is one of the most passionate, supportive, encouraging woman I have ever met!! Despite the health troubles she battles daily; she NEVER makes it about her. Signing on with #teambunny helped me grow into someone I never dreamed of!!!

Jill taught me to push my limits, change my body and my mind in ways I never have before; not to mention the confidence & faith in myself to push through my trials and tribulations and showcasing my months of hard work on stage!!!

(Definitely NEVER thought I’d do that!!!) During all of that craziness; the highest of highs, the lowest of lows, I am SO grateful to have stumbled across this AMAZING team, and most importantly... COACH!!!

The experience with #teambunnyhas been incredible and as I continue to move forward with Jill, I focus on the present. I keep grinding daily, because there are many improvements to be made and I have more goals to accomplish!!! Thanks Jill, for all that you are and all that you’ve brought out of me.
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The 24-week journey has been incredible even with the ups and downs that occurred, some out of my control. Learning to trust in and enjoy the process and see all the progress I’ve made has been life changing. Physically I have noticed a lot of changes but I never expected the mental changes that I’ve experienced. I couldn’t be happier. My anxiety levels have decreased so much and my energy levels have increased. I truly am on a lifelong journey to living my best life. It is an amazing feeling being apart of Team Bunny. The support from women I have never met is incredible and their journeys are inspiring.I cannot say enough about Jill Bunny. She is more than just my coach. The bond we have made over the past 24 weeks and the friendship we’ve made is for a lifetime. Jill is the most inspiring woman I know. The support she provides on a daily basis keeps me going, especially on days that aren’t so easy. I am truly blessed and grateful to have met Jill and have her as a part of my life and this amazing journey.
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When I started with Jill back in 2015 I wasn’t in the best place in my life, I was off work for a back injury and I had just quit my full time job and moved home to live with my parents. I knew that I had to loose weight so that my joints could better support my body, at that time I had an idea that I wanted to try to do bodybuilding and I was SO SO SO inspired by Jill. Well lets just say that didn’t last very long as I met my fiancé who didn’t eat healthy, I went back to school and worked full time. On top of that flash forward to 2017 I had my daughter. Eating healthy and exercise was out of the question for a very long time for me. I found myself back to where I was in 2015, having severe back pain, could barely walk and was taking pain killers to relieve the pain. I didn’t have enough energy to play with my daughter, to clean up around the house, to go get groceries, I relied on my fiancé to do almost everything. New years eve 2018/2019 my fiancé Doug and I attended one of my best friends weddings.  When I saw one of the pictures the photographer took of me standing there watching my best friend down the isle I bursted into tears, that was the moment. That was when I knew it was time to change my life, I emailed Jill telling her I was so ready to take on this 12 week challenge, I knew that it worked as Jill has provided me with great support and results before plus she’s so easy to talk to .. So I had nothing to loose.  This 12 week challenge was beyond a challenge for me , every single week I would either be battling an illness or my daughter would be. Through all of It I still ate healthy and took the supplements that Jill had recommended. Everyone who sees me tells me I seem more happy, I have SOOO much more energy to help out around the house, and I love going for walks everyday and playing with my daughter. Jill has given me a life that I look forward to, she has given me advice like no  other, helped me when I wasn’t sure where to go next,  and has shown me that great results are achievable. The most important part is I have no back pain. In 12 weeks I have went from a size 12 to a size 8, I have lost 20 lbs. The 12 week challenge is worth every penny. Thank you Jill for once again helping me change my life.
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I’m SO pleased with my progress over the last 12 weeks. Not only has my body gotten stronger, but so has my mind. The mental growth over the last 12 weeks is as exciting as my physical changes - dragging my butt out of bed at 4 am for 12 weeks, changing eating patterns, less focus on the scale and more focus on gains like lifting heavier and killing workouts, and the mental tenacity needed to get through cardio on those days that you reallllllly don’t want to do it. All of these things are invaluable. I’m PUMPED to go forward with you and continue to grow in all respects.
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My journey to compete started with turning all My Pain into Power. This new journey was about exploring who I am and accepting all that failed around me. A Broken Marriage, acceptance from my family, eliminating toxic people and toxic judgment, digging deep within and honoring my Self Worth.

On November 1 my father passed away and that was my breaking point... Turned all my Pain into Power and gave myself a chance to live and fulfil a dream.It took me 35 weeks to conquer my demons, my emotional food cravings, my inner most fears and most importantly to really love myself. I am forever Grateful to my Coach Bunny Jill for guiding me to inner healing that eventually shined on the outside. She allowed me to speak my truth with an open heart with my Progress Reports And kill my workouts like a beast. I am human... I still fall but this journey has allowed me to Balance and Believe in myself and it can only get better from here. I choose to walk this pathway consciously and be aware of my emotions. I choose to Reset my emotional food connection with self healing and using the tools that serve me.

I am 38 years old and never did I think it would be feasible for me to accomplish a Goal to compete. Well it’s true what they say...Never say never. Believe, Balance and love yourself...everything will eventually come together
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I started working with Jill in 2015 when I was seeking out a coach for my second figure competition. I had spoken to a lot of different coaches and none of them really resonated with me. I still remember my first phone call with Jill which was essentially the reason I decided to choose her as my coach. She was so real, down to earth and easy to talk to and it was clear that she was knowledgeable about body building and competing. On top of this, you could tell that she genuinely cared about the women she trains.

I chose her and I placed 4th in my second competition. My first completion I came in dead last so that shows you how much she helped me. She was there for all of my questions and concerns, every step of the way.

Two years later, not only have did Jill help me land a second place, nationally qualified spot in my third competition, but she also helped me pass the physical exam to become a police officer. I am now happily in my dream career and Jill was a major support system for me getting here. She has been an amazing friend, role model and motivator both in the gym and in my personal life. Jill is one of the most hard working, caring and driven individuals you will ever meet. If you want a coach who knows her stuff, and walks the walk, and who will go out of her way to be there for you as you reach your goals, I highly recommend Jill Bunny.
Lee Cotter
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The more I look, the more I can see the change. When I first looked at them I could name a million things I needed to change. What I realized was I first needed to change my mindset. Once I did that, it opened my eyes to how far I've come and I'm damn proud!
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Being a part of Team Bunny is like being part of a family. It’s great connecting with women that have similar goals and a drive to succeed at improving themselves to be the best and strongest version of themselves. Jill is very knowledgeable and she was there for me every step of the way in my journey. I learned a lot from her, she is a positive and inspiring leader! In under 1 year, at the age of 45, I qualified for Nationals and will compete in 2017.
Kinga D.
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I've tried many gym programs and routines, but your workout and system by far works the best. I have fallen in love with working out because of you. You are my angel. Stevie and I go to the gym together, he plays with Chiara his daycare partner and I kick ass. Thank you for all thet you have done for me Jill. I am beginning to love my body!!!
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Being part of Team Bunny is amazing. If I had any questions there was always someone to answer me. Jill has created something truly amazing with Team bunny. She helps women achieve their dreams and empower them to believe in themselves. Being part of a team is such a wonderful feeling. I am so thankful to have met Jill for if she only knew how much she has had an impact on my life, my self-esteem and showing met that if I want it I can achieve it, all I have to do is, DO IT! She is an excellent coach and understands exactly what we are all going through. She is a gift.
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Words will never be able to explain how good this transformation feels....yes it is big change physically and I've done several weight loss successes in the past. So the real difference this time around with mamma bunny as my mentor and coach is the mental transformation! There's a reason why I haven't been able to keep it off. Bouncing from 220lbs down to 120lbs and anywhere in between over 15 years. This time is different. It's a complete overhaul that I know is maintainable. If you think you can't do it you are right ! If you think you can you will .... No excuses girls you can do anything you set your mind to !!! Never ever give up. Forever grateful I have team bunny and Jill in my corner . I absolutely love shopping now and nothing feels as good as fit and healthy .
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Just wanted to say thanks so much....n I've been with a few online coaches and you are by far the most knowledgeable, helpful and understanding coach I've ever had!!!
I knew i really needed help and i didn't want just anybody and i am so glad i got the chance to work with you. This almost 12 weeks have been the best 12 weeks i have spent than with any other online coach. You made me feel comfortable and that it was ok to have a life and enjoy in moderation and work with me and not shame me just because i wanted a sweet treat or make me feel defeated if i wasn't losing weight as fast as your other clients. Ive had coaches like that who dimmed my sparkle and make me have altered thoughts about myself and my body, my progress and me as a whole! It was some of the darkest times ive been through. Paying coaches thousands of dollars to feel ashamed of my progress even though i was following the plan they designed for me
It's easy to get a coach...its hard to get a coach that cares and doesn't just look at you as easy prey! so thank you for all of your help with getting me back on the right path mentally and physically.
Amanda xxo
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I started working with Jill in September 2014. Since then I have done 4 Fitness Competitions with Jill as my coach. I have been challenged and pushed by Jill, and she has taught me a lot about myself.  She gives me the encouragement I need to keep on going to reach my goals even when I let the voice in my head tell me I can’t. I continue to be amazed and inspired by her drive and compassion to help others. She has this uncanny ability to make you feel like you have known her all your life and really listen and encourage you and help you be the best version of yourself.  A self you may not have thought you could be. It is because of her that I am now a personal trainer, she encouraged me to go for my dreams by asking me one simple question “What is stopping you?”. She is a true friend and mentor and I am so glad our pathscrossed.
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I signed up for the 12 week transformation, actually expecting it to be really hard and not to make it through. Was I wrong! The support made it possible & I can actually say it was fun and loved the experience. Team bunny is apart of me now & always will be. I love having Jill as a coach and cant wait to see what she has planned for me next.
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Working with Jill was amazing! It’s surreal to think that I had Jill Bunny to coach me through this process. It was an unforgettable experience.Seeing the results and the accountability was one of the best parts of my transformation. It was nice to know that you were getting a program that was specific to you and your goals. I also would encourage everyone to take progress photos, sometimes the scale is discouraging and it is so rewarding to look back and see how far you’ve come.
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Thanks for your help over the last 4 months.  I finally feel like a normal person, able to enjoy life, but still keep the bod in shape lol.  The all or nothing mentality appears to be gone, I'm not beating myself up for having fun and enjoying social times. This is really the best thing that's happened over the course of our time.
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I am a Team Bunny Bikini Competitor. In just a few short months Coach Jill Bunny guided me through an enriching lifestyle overhaul, transforming me into a well-informed, confident health & fitness enthusiast... And a gold medal Bikini Competitor! With her never-ending support and her genuine devotion to helping me build the best version of myself, Jill empowered me to achieve my life goal of getting on stage, and beyond that, she made the process easy and fun! Thank you Coach Jill. Go Team Bunny!
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I still remember my first phone call I made to Jill in 2016, at that time I had no experience in competing and "zero" clueabout diet in conjunction with training. So before I called I took a deep breath and said to myself; Tina! how bad do you want to change your life?I think I pondered for approximately 30 seconds lol.  I picked up the phone and called. Jill answered promptly with the most friendlycharismatic voice. At first I felt a little embarrassed, I had so many questions to ask, however it didn't matter Jill was kind and not troubledat all to answer each and every question I had with knowledge and confidence.  I told her I wanted to compete and start January 2017, and I did! Jill gave me an amazing workout plan and meal plan that was very informative and easy to follow....All I had to do is put in my own hard work and effort. I sent photos every week to show progress, this was great because my workouts and food would slightly change according to my own progress and would certainly make a difference from week to week. I was amazed by this.  I followed everything she said literally to the "T" and in 12 weeks my body completely transformed. I competed in my first show "Cobourg Naturals" and placed first in my category. I had never felt so gratefulmy hard work really rewarded me! What an exhilarating experience. I decided after this competition I would compete in the August 4, 2018 Natural Canada Pro Qualifier event, after placing in Cobourg I was qualified to compete in this event. This was very exciting for me! I got on the phone with Jill right away, I told her i'd really like to start training early, so Jill prepared a workout plan and food plan promptly for me to start from October 2017-August 2018 plus in the end a reverse program which was fabulous! To be honest with you all I wanted to do this not just for a competition but truly for "ME", because ultimately hard work, sacrifice, drive and determination comes from within, and when you dig deep enough you will find out who you are and your purpose in life..and I have 🙂  Competing is as real as it gets, however the training aspect of it is truly a journey for me and certainly a passion. I remember waking up on August 4, 2018 the day of the Natural Canada event and thinking to myself; I'm really doing this!! I looked at my body after weeks and weeks of training and hard work and thorough guidance from Jill...I sat very still for a few brief moments, I had a some tears, and I thought to myself; TINA!! You did THIS!!! I felt so humbled (sigh)...I achieved my goals and felt a great sense of accomplishment inside myself. I have to say that the whole process from beginning to end was fabulous, she honestly made me feel like a true athlete. Jill came to my competition and guided me until the end with encouragement and support. I'm pleased to say that i placed in the top 10 at a National Pro Qualifier competition...This for me wasan accomplishment seeing as though it was only my 2nd time competing as a bikini athlete. I feel very grateful  andi have new plans for January 2019, I'm very excited about competing again and achieving new goals. In a final note, to be completely honest; for me personally it's not about placement or being number one. I just focus on the excitement of discoveringmy capabilities, improving myself and becoming physically and mentally stronger as a result. *Something I learned in the past year; If you focusonly on what your results will be your motivation will be like the weather-it will die the minute you hit the storm...So! having said that; for me personally the "key" is to focus on the journey, not the destination. Keep thinking about what you are learning along the way and what you can improve. Strength doesn't come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't do. 🙂 "To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe." Much love to all,
Rose Robbins
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I signed up with Jill expecting to overcome a 4-year fat loss plateau…but what I came away with was so much more. Not being overweight to begin with, my goal was not to shed pounds, but rather to lose fat and gain muscle for a more shapely and toned body. Results were visible from the very first weeks and I could not believe how quickly I was able to achieve something that was unattainable for me in what seemed like forever. I had followed Jill on Instagram admittedly for years before engaging with her. I was always taken by her ability to overcome challenges and not just reach her goals, but full out crush them. Mostly I was inspired by how she herself practices what she preaches and the consistency she puts out in order to have the health and lifestyle that she wants for herself. She was a mentor for me before I ever even knew her. What sold me was when I witnessed her wedding transformation. I loved watching a seasoned fitness veteran take her time (months) of clean eating and consistent workouts to achieve her body image goal. I knew that if I was going to achieve and sustain my desired body, that I was going to have to apply a similar long term and consistent strategy. No more buying online 30-day cookie cutter fitness & nutrition programs! I knew that Jill was the coach for me. I started on a training and nutrition program with Jill. The nutrition plan was completely customized to my food likes/dislikes, my specific health needs and of course my overall goal. Within the first couple of weeks I saw more changes than I would have ever expected; my sleep improved, my mood improved, my weight dropped, and I felt better than I had in years. I wasn’t even aware that any of those things needed improving to begin with, so it was all a bonus for me I found it interesting that I had been eating all the right foods all along, but I could never get my body to change. Jill taught me it is not just the individual foods themselves, but how you combine them into meals along with the timing of meals. I literally watched her turn my body into an efficient machine. My body had clearly become finer tuned at using caloric energy to fuel my workouts and an increased metabolism was also evident. I was also amazed the changes in my body were possible with workouts that were an hour and with so little cardio. I love learning as much as I have with Jill’s guidance. I’ve learned so much about workouts, nutrition and how my body reacts to both. These are all valuable lessons that I will keep with me for life. I cannot say enough about the valuable feedback Jill provides to me on a weekly basis regarding my progress. The changes to food plan each week are clearly based on my needs at that given time (and not just a cookie cutter food plan like those I had seem from my trainers in the past). She makes sure I know that she is there to support me always. I truly appreciate how she makes herself available to her clients. Her dedication to my personal success is quite evident to me. Pictures don’t lie, and I am proud to share mine so that others can benefit from an amazing coach like Jill!
Victoria Hofman
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I have been working with Jill for about 3 months now and she has truly changed not only my outlook in training but mostly my mind set. Before working with Jill my nutrition and workouts were extremely taxing on my body which led me to have no cycle for over 3 years. After only 2 months of a totally different training and nutrition program i was able to regain my cycle in just 2 months! I have never had a trainer give such genuine, powerful weekly feedback with check ins. Jill customs everything to your life style and goals, you will never get a cookie cutter plan with her. She is so knowledgeable, passionate and truly thinks about her clients health before anything else. Jill has taught me to be strong, listen to my body and get back in touch with myself which has been extremely hard for me in the last few years. I am a team bunny lifer now hehehe 🙂
Ashley - CBT Course
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I just wanted to say I loveeed the CBT program!! You honestly did an amazing job with this program, the course material is done in such a simple way yet powerful enough to really make you think. I personally am one of those people that is always to hard on myself about everything (and I get told this all the time by others as well) and this really helped me learn to actually stop and think about how I react and respond to situations not only with food but with other areas of my life as well. It helped me realize that I really am my worst critic and always pick out the things that go wrong and never give myself credit for the things I do right or accomplish. I have learned to be more aware of my eating and if I am actually really hungry or not, I’ve learned to take time to sit and eat and that sitting for a few minutes to be aware of my food isn’t the end of the world, taking time to realize I’m full and not feeling like I need to scrape off every piece of food that it on my plate. Also trying to reduce stress was a huge one for me as I over analyze every little thing and stress myself out about things that really aren’t important for me to stress over (simple things like omg I didn’t get a chance to mop my floors today, that Oh well technique really works lol) and mostly learning to schedule down time for myself to relax, have a tea and read some of my book or that it’s okay to say you know what I’m going to take a bubble bath, I need some me time. I know I’ve mentioned this to you before and I will say it again you truly are such an inspiration, from your story to your posts and the words you speak I really do admire you!! You truly are an amazing woman and I’m so glad to have found you. I would most definitely recommend this course to anyone that needs that extra help to combat their way of thinking, and while this course is mainly based around food it really does help you gain knowledge of your sabotaging thoughts in other aspects of life as well. Also the simple tasks like the response cards and the distraction lists to the advantage lists are all super helpful little tools to keep on hand and refer back to when your really in that tough moment and feel like saying forget it I screwed up I can’t do this or to just remind yourself exactly of why you are on the journey your on and to keep pushing towards being the best version of you and your goals and learning to be proud of the steps and accomplishments you do make. Thank you again, truly this course really touched a soft spot for me and was far more then I expected, genuinely loved every day of this. Can’t wait for what’s to come next!!
Lisa C.
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I've made my way through the first CBT course and I want to applaud you on putting good quality content out there for people to use and see.  Major things that quickly stood out was how simple your steps are to follow that have lasting impacts.  I still have my "Advantages List" up and see them at times right when I need them.  I love how the material is very easy to understand which boosts me up to know I can complete these tasks daily.  I have done each day with purpose and now I can say with habit:
- eat each meal sitting down
- read my advantages list daily
- schedule my day and journal
- stay active (which is one of my distraction techniques)
- wear my bracelet that reminds me of how great I'm doing
- love myself for being human
I remember you wrote to me "Eating is not the same as breathing" and that struck a serious cord with me.  I showed me eating can be monitored and controlled and I won't die if I don't do it every hour of the day or if I see another person doing it.  My mindset wasn't there yet when you first told me this.  Now, I can confidently say I can live in a world with food around me and still see myself as a NORMAL HUMAN BEING.  Looking forward to your other courses you have coming up.  I find the Binge Eating one very interesting to go through.
Christine - CBT COURSE
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Dear mamma Bunny (Jill), As you know I have experience with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in to help resolve work related PTSD and Depression that was brought on by my career in policing. I have a good understanding of what CBT consists of, but the 4-week CBT course that specifically targets how we think about nutrition surpassed what I was expecting.  I had never thought to implement CBT techniques for my struggles I have had with food which are deep rooted from my teenage years. I now know why I have been a victim to -yo-yo dieting, fad diets, falling off the gym wagon many times and having my weight fluctuate anywhere from 220lbs to 119lbs over the course of my adult life. In just 4 weeks’ time I feel confident that I have a solid tool box of coping strategies to use for when I start to question or doubt my health and fitness goals. I can honestly say this CBT course has made me analyze my behaviours, thoughts and most importantly food in a very different way than I ever have before.  Additionally, the CBT course has motivated me to start a new morning routine that gives me mental clarity and positivity to start my day out on the best foot possible! If anyone were to ask me about what I thought about the CBT course I would say “JUST DO IT” you have nothing to lose and I am certain everyone has something to gain from reading through the exercises and implementing them into their daily lives. Afterall, your mental and physical health may depend on it. Sincerely, Little Bunny (Christine) p.s : as the saying goes “ the body achieves what the mind believes”
Lindsay - Binge Eating Recovery
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I approached Jill when I was in a dark place. I had finished my first fitness competition where I used an extreme diet, fat burners and cardio to lose weight. What happened after the event was inevitable binge eating and extreme anxiety. Jill was the most understanding and empathetic coach and trainer I could’ve ever asked for. She truly listens and responds in a positive and constructive manor that helped me heal. I worked with Jill for 3 months and regained a positive relationship with food and my body again. I owe so much to Jill for helping me through a serious time in my life. Disordered eating is a serious problem and Jill is a gift to helping navigate your feelings and build behaviours that benefit your health. I am so very grateful for being able to work with Jill and I’m thankful for continuing to have her in my life. Hill is a true treasure to the health industry. XO L.
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Working with Jill Bunny has truly been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made - period. Living with celiac and hashimoto’s disease, I was not a stranger to working out and eating right; but I was becoming increasing frustrated with not getting the results I wanted.  After completing some research (and being bombarded by fad diets) I came across Jill Bunny’s website and shortly thereafter I signed up for the 12-week transformation.  Jill immediately took the time to discuss the program with me and through an evaluation process, she created a plan specifically designed for my needs.  Jill not only shares her wealth of knowledge and experience with her bunnies, she is also incredibly humble and genuine.  Thanks to Jill I not only experienced a physical change by completing the 12-week transformation; I also experienced a mental change. It’s these types of changes that have positively affected my life outside of my own health and fitness goals. I am forever grateful to Jill for completely reshaping my outlook on proper nutrition and exercise, encouraging me to be a better version of me each and everyday and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to continue working with her after completing the 12-week transformation process by becoming an Annual Bunny Member!
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"Jill has been absolutely amazing since day one. Our first phone call she was so knowledgeable and supportive, I knew I was making the right decision. Being recently diagnosed with RRMS, all of my research suggested nutrition and exercise are key, and Jill has given me the tools to keep myself healthy and enjoy doing it. The meal plans were easy to follow and ended up resolving my digestive issues I’ve had for years! No more bloat or discomfort! The workouts were challenging and built muscle in places I never had before. This is the best I’ve felt in a long time! I’m excited to continue my fitness journey with Jill's 8 Week Shred! Thank you, Jill for giving me the tools I need to stay healthy and happy." Thank you for everything!
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Today was the first time in my entire life that i was able to weigh myself....saw the scale go up 1 lb and thought to myself - who cares!!!  because of what i see in the mirror and how clothing is fitting and my ripped back means way more to me then what a fucken scale says - I had a good talk with that scale today!!!!
Just a short time ago I would have beaten myself up so bad over that number and would have set myself up for a completely shit day all over a number...AND then turn to food..and then the cycle would begin....i look back now and think of all the energy wasted and stress i put myself through over a number and scale, but I am proud and happy to be at the place where I am in that regard...
I can honestly thank your guidance, morning posts, CBT, and the accountability i feel with having you in my corner for this.
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All I can say is; it was the best decision I have ever made on that August day. I was afraid to take the leap with another coach and find out after a lot of work that it didn’t work, again... but you sure proved me wrong. I’m so glad I listened to my gut! It’s been an absolutely wonderful experience with you by my side! The ups, the downs, the questions. You were there through it all!So incredibly positive and encouraging! Just what I needed! The anxiety of finding the right path is finally gone. I can just go into cruise mode, do as I’m told and enjoy the process each and every day! Knowing that we have got this. Such a small thing...but everything!! For some of us poor souls it can take years to find our way. Every day I wake up eager to start the day because each day allows s me an opportunity to improve. I love for every meal I just look at the weekly calendar you have given me and see what I am to eat!I am so glad that I am able to continue my journey with you, I can’t wait to see what we will accomplish over the next year!Thank you Jill with all my heart!
Kelly Meadows
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Working with Jill has been a fantastic experience. She’s provided top notch service in the most humble delivery. She’s very supportive and an expert in her field. My personal experience has been a game changer. Jill is so knowledgeable with her plans and programs. Results for me were appearing finally! I highly recommend Jill for any fitness journey. She adds a special touch that I’m sure people will appreciate just like I did. I hope to be on Team Bunny forever.
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“Working with Jill was awesome! I initially went into it with only focusing on my binge eating, but I got so much more out of it. The CBT component with the nutrition and training was the missing link in my transformation. The tools and strategies that Jill taught me to look at my thoughts and feelings were quite powerful. It was so much more than just food that was causing me irritation and discontent within my life. I really learned how to stop and sit with the thoughts and feelings and become conscious of what I was doing. I learned I am more powerful than I gave myself credit for. I know I can’t change others but I can change my thoughts and feelings. I highly recommend working with Jill. You definitely won’t be disappointed!”
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No binging in the past 6 months. I lost 20 more pounds. I feel amazing. I achieved my goal – I’m pregnant!! I can't believe it... I am going to be a Mom, all thanks to you. I felt lost and not in control... and you helped me gain it back! I know what the first stuffed animal my child will have - a BUNNY... it will represent you looking over him/her. You have changed my life... and have even helped me crate life. Truly you are my angel.
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Amazing. An anthem. Standing ovation. Beyond words. First off, Jill knows her stuff. I will never forget some of the lessons Kirstin has taught me, about so many things. I thought I knew it all when it came to weight loss and training. There was no advice, no tips, no plans I had not read. But I struggled with restricting food hoping for a quick result and then binging. For years. I thought I was a failure when in the rest of my life I was so successful. Now, I have sayings from Jill reminding me how to think differently. How to feel better in order to get better. I’ve gone from a negative self talker that I didn’t even realize to a completely different person. Jill is truly a master of her craft in health & fitness coaching and CBT training. She has the best questions and helps you find an answer even when you think you don’t know. It’s a gift. Lastly, Jill is just fun. She has this great energy. We would laugh even when I was finding serious things about myself. I am a better person now. Thank you Jill!!!”
Lee Cotter
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I came across Jill years ago through Facebook and Instagram. After following her for a year or so, she had posted about a nutrition program she was offering. It was affordable and I just needed something to get me back on track as I was busting my ass in the gym and felt like I was getting nowhere. After we spoke on the phone and discussed my goals, I knew I had made the right decision. She was very genuine and understood my goals and frustrations. As soon as I started with her I quickly noticed a change just from following her nutrition plan she created for me and using her Ultimate Training Program for my workouts. I had bought the UTP because I had done a few that had been posted on her Instagram page and was hooked. The workouts were kick ass and I loved the challenge. After doing that for a few months I decided to do her 6 month program because I couldn't imagine not having her in my corner and I haven't looked back. In 4 months I had dropped almost 15lbs, which may not say a lot, but the physical change was evident. I was wearing clothes that I thought I would either never fit into or that I would never wear again. I will admit that looking at my progress pictures the first thing I thought to do was pick myself apart and I actually had to put them away for a day or two. In talking with Jill, she said there was a definitely change and I really needed to look again, she helped me switch my mindset. After looking at them for a while I finally noticed that my hard work had paid off. Without her I was struggling to make progress, but as soon as I started with her, everything changed. It's not just about the physical, it is also about changing your mindset and how you feel about yourself. She is always available to talk to and is always encouraging. Not once has she ever said or made me feel like she was disappointed. Even when I was kicking myself for falling off plan or not being able to workout because I had to heal, she never once made you feel bad and always had a positive spin on why things happened the way they did. I would never recommend anyone else but Jill. She is not just a coach, she really cares for your well being. She remembered each time I had surgery and would send me an email to check up on me to see how I was doing. There is no other coach that I know of who would take time out of their day to do that or even remember the exact day things were happening. She is always available to talk to and will set up a call to make sure I'm ok if she feels like I need the pep talk. She definitely makes you feel more like a friend than just a client and is always on the same journey with you. Jill genuinely cares and only wants to see you success, just listening to her 7am posts will tell you that. My words do not do her justice, all I can say is if you're looking for a change, start with Jill you will not be disappointed!
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Amazing. A standing ovation is needed & I am beyond words trying to express what Jill has a done for my life! So here we go... First off, she knows her stuff. I will never forget some of the lessons Jill has taught me, about so many things. I thought I knew it all when it came to dieting. There was no advice, no tips, no plans I had not read. But I struggled with restricting food hoping for a quick result and then binging. For years. I thought I was a failure when in the rest of my life I was so successful. Now, I have sayings from Jill reminding me how to think differently. How to feel better in order to get better. I’ve gone from a negative self talker that I didn’t even realize to a completely different person. Jill is truly a master of her craft in coaching. She has the best questions and helps you find an answer even when you think you don’t know. It’s a gift. Lastly, Jill is just fun. She has this great energy, and if you work with her - you know what I mean! We would laugh even when I was finding serious things about myself. I am a better person now. Thank you Jill!!!”
Helen- Thyroid Healing
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When I first began working with Jill, I was at my wit’s end. I was about a year into my disease, and had already hired and fired two other holistic coaches. Although they both did help me greatly by cleaning up my diet and lifestyle, their methods did not help my Graves’ disease, so I had to keep searching. That’s when I found Jill Bunny. Just the fact that she had a thyroid disease herself and is now free of it, filled me with so much hope, that I just knew she was going to be the one to give me back my health for good. I think it’s very important to find the right holistic coach to work with. There are so many out there that just aren’t thorough, or knowledgeable enough. Jill has chosen to help other women in this area, and because of that, she is able to help people regain their lives through knowledge and experience. Immediately I began feeling better. My heart palpitations which were of the greatest concerns began to decrease, as well as the other symptoms. It took a few months, but there were some days where it felt like I had no disease at all. I had to remind myself to keep eating right, and continue following the protocol, and to not let my guard down. It was such a freeing experience to finally have someone who knows what to do behind me, and watching over me. Even though she was 3000 miles away, I never felt like I was without a safety net. My blood tests improved to the point that I am now free of Graves’ disease!!!!!! It is completely gone, and now I know why I was sick and how to stay healthy. I had leaky gut from a previous candida infection that wreaked havoc on my digestive system, and ultimately my whole being. I killed off the candida, and treated the leaky gut and Graves’ disease at the same time. I now have my health back, and it’s not going anywhere ever again!!! The best part? My doctors said it was impossible to get rid of!! And I proved them wrong!!! A grateful bunny, Helen! xoxo
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I have been working with Jill a little over 5 months, but have been one of her "secret bunnies." I asked that we keep the coaching relationship confidential due to me working with another contest prep team in the past. (I didn't need the bullshit from them... and neither did Jill!) I started with Jill after I needed to take a break from competing - due to my physical and mental health. From multiple shows, on little to no food, hours of cardio, and steroids and fat burners, my body had enough. I was not making any progress, and my coach was pushing me harder, saying more drugs and cardio was the ONLY option if I wanted to be a winner. When my hair started falling out, and was suffering from insomnia, I knew that it was time to stop. My coach didn't wan't to hear my "excuses" and said I was being a baby. I cried, and when I felt that I hit my rock bottom, I felt I had nothing to lose, and emailed Jill. She asked to jump on a call right away... and spent the time discussing my health with NO judgements. It has been a long road, with its ups and downs.. but if it wasn't for Jill I don't know where I would be. Together we worked on increasing my food and building a healthy relationship with nutrition and training. (We didn't once take pictures or jump on the scale due to my trauma with them). She helped me build myself back up.. and today I feel better then I ever did as a competitor. I jumped on the scale yesterday for the first time, and I am down 20lbs from when we started and roughly 10lbs from stage weight. She said we would get there... and we did! But most of all, I am happy and feel at peace with my body. If you are going through a tough time, don't be afraid to call Jill.. it will be the best thing you ever do. Even though I do this anonymously... I am happy to keep working with Jill for many years, and with her new skills in CBT! So much love for you Jill, THANK YOU!! Love, your Secret Bunny For LIFE!
Janet Younge
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I have been putting off my testimonial for way to long - and not because I am not happy with the results I have obtained. I was in my own head, and scared that my transformation wouldn't be "extreme" enough or inspiring to other readers. In a way I felt that my transformation would disappoint Jill. But, I took the great advice she gave me when it came to my thoughts with food & training, and applied it to this scenery. So.. here we go!
I joined Team Bunny after putting on weight that had just complied ... mostly from me being sedentary and comfortable in my day to day routine. Then, I started to notice other symptoms... including extreme fatigue, dry skin, irritability and joint pain. I knew that this wasn't going to get any better... unless I did something about it.
I have followed Jill for years, watching her transform from a competitor to now...well I don't know what to call her! She is more than a trainer, she is my ally, therapist and a friend. Working with Jill for the past 3 months, I have been able to get back to the gym, and feel comfortable working out in an environment where there are other people (yes fitter then me). I am able to eat healthy meals, without feeling deprived. I didn't want to go down the road of extreme dieting (as I have had an eating disorder in the past). She helped work with my daily schedule, and each week through check-ins helped me to overcome my own sabotaging behaviours. We navigated the holidays season, and I didn't gain a pound!
I have made some incredible lifestyle changes that have rubbed off on my kids and husband. We are a healthy, active family.. which in turn has created a stronger bond than ever before. Have I lost weight? Sure, I think we are 10lbs down. But when I think of it now.. I have transformed in MANY other ways.... and that in itself is a complete success!
So if you are reading this, and I haven't bored you... please know that transformations are what YOU make of it. For me, it was more than just a number on the scale. It was being realistic and creating a routine that I could continue to adopt each and everyday. I owe Jill so much.. for all she has taught me.
If you are thinking of joining Team Bunny, I assure you... this will be one of the best gifts you ever give yourself.
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I just want to express my gratitude – to Jill for her unwavering support , guidance and help through my 21 day transformation .  In such a short time I finally, saw results happen. Not only to my body , but my confidence, energy  and motivation.  I  tried over and over again on my own to try and lose the weight that crept up on me ever since going through menopause over the last 2 short years. I tried diet after diet, work out and after work out with no changes.  After 2 years of following Jill I finally decided,  this was the time,  here and now to contact her. I said if anyone can help me get results its Jill Bunny.  I was so right.  I saw the changes happening after the first week and now on to week 4, it continues. Weight loss, more energy and the motivation to keep going and make her proud of me. Jill is equipped with everything to help you get your results. She has the knowledge, the right attitude, she’s so supportive, kind and most of all,  always available to answer your questions and any concerns. She motivates you and keeps you on track.  I am so glad to have finally made the decision and joined Jill Bunny and team.  Im glad to continue my fitness journey with Jill  by my side and on to  my next goal. Thank you Jill - Need to change your body, with a friend and strong coach by your side? Jill is the one.  Join now!  
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I want to start with a big THANK YOU! I think it was end of April when I reached out to you Jill. You were on a photoshoot in Miami and I m sure you had a crazy schedule but you emailed me write back and we set up a time we could have a call and chat. I was so nervous and didn't know what type of person you might be but as soon as we started our chat I could tell how caring and genuan you are. I knew about you for a couple of years and started following you about a year ago. But what made me reach out was feed back from one of my bestest friends and a team bunny. I not only heard all the amazing things she had to say including how supportive you are but I also could see the transformation that was happening with her and I felt it was time for me to open up and reach out to you. I had gained about 12 lb more then I usually weigh (I know for some that's not a lot but that wasn't me) and I had lost most of my definition and muscle. It all started around Aug 2017. I injured my back, was going through hormone imbalance (menopause), had an autoimmune diagnosis with no cure, a cancer scare, and an unexpected surgery but then something even worst happened! My husband had a freak accident on xmas day that needed surgery and many months of rehabilitation.That all happened within 6 months. My body and mental state was breaking down do to all of the above plus taking care of my hubby and our family on my own. My spirit and body felt so broken. My girlfriend was really worried about me and mentioned how you had helped her and that I should reach out to you. At that time all I wanted was to loose a few lbs, get stronger and build better legs. So we went with the 12 week transformation. Well! Let me say that I followed your meal and work out plan as best as I could and the transformation was incredible!!! I got what I had asked for and more! I got leaner and got more muscle not only on my legs but all over! My confidence was back and my mental spirit was healed!! I must also say that all of the above issues are under control, my back is stronger, I have no cancer my autoimmune disorder at the moment is asymptomatic and my hormone levels are better balanced. Oh! And my hubby is almost 90% healed as well I must say after finishing the 12 week transformation program I was HUNGRY FOR MORE! So I decided to continue with the Jill Bunny annual membership program and I m so happy I did! I feel I m under your watchful eyes guiding me and helping me if that is through my workouts or right now again my injuries... lol!... you helping me get stronger with caution though a modified workout plan and meal plan, through  the check ins, progress photos, emails, messages or even a quick chat while passing through at the gym. Being part of the bunny team keeps my emotions in check and also accountable, grounded and pushes me past my comfort zone. I m in love with seeing the results and the transformation my body is going through more and more each day and all because of you! I also Love Love Love! your 7am posts. They are so motivating, inspiring, truthful and raw. Keep inspiring my dear bunny and friend!
Confidential Client
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You have changed my life.  I was able to recover from something that I was ashamed of.  It was something that could have drastically changed my life if I was hospitalized or worse. I know I still have some healing to do, but with your help, I was able to really dig myself out of that dark dark place.  I am forever grateful to you, my fit bunny hero.
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“Within the first few weeks I began to notice changes. by the time 12 weeks had gone by-most of my symptoms were gone!”

Before working with Jill, I was tired and had nearly no energy to do anything-but maybe one thing a day. Also, I was “down” much more and got frequent stomach aches. This was my list of symptoms:
  • Tired ALL Day
  • Digestive issues and stomach pain
  • Can’t fall asleep before 2am
  • Feeling tired and wired in the evenings, hard to wind down
  • Heart beats really fast, triggered by doing exercise and too tired to exercise
  • Clothes feel uncomfortable
  • Weight gain – for no reason
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Acne
  • Emotional – crying more easily
  • Tiredness causing depression and lack of motivation (Too tired to do things)
  • Increased worry and anxiety – I’m not myself
  • Dizzy when standing up
I had been seeing another coach before to help me with these issues, and so I was a little unsure about switching and seeing someone new. But it was not hard at all! The information I got from the first time I talked with Jill gave me an understanding about what was wrong – plus what we could do to help fix it. So I became excited to get started! Within the first few weeks I began to notice changes, and by the time 12 weeks had gone by-most of my symptoms were gone! I have my energy back now, so I feel like getting out and doing things. This was a pretty big improvement for me. I also don’t feel as stressed anymore. I have the energy to exercise now, and it doesn’t make me feel tired afterward. I’m also tired in the evenings now, and able to get to bed. (Where I used to have my best energy in the evenings, and was not able to fall asleep before.) My digestive issues are pretty much gone, and my feeling of being “down” is too. I’m not cold anymore, I don’t cry as easily, I can handle stress better, and I’m back into my regular pant size again! I am very glad I decided to work with Jill. Not only because I feel like myself again, and got rid of some very horrible and stubborn symptoms, but also because of what I’ve learned. I feel like I really understand what foods can hurt and help me now. So I’m back in charge of how I feel again! Thank you Jill!
Lynn Milne
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At first I thought of words that correspond with the letters in Team Bunny, but then I realized that words can't fully describe Team Bunny and what it does to empower women; mind, body and soul. My journey with Jill has shown me that I can be whatever I want to be, not just what other people see me as. Thank you Jill for your guidance, support and belief that success is measured individually,every day xo
Julie Grosse
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It is great to know that even though Iam a super busy Bunny, I can still follow my plan and have a whole team who supports me and has my back along the way
Teri Robbins Hegarty
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Inspirational coaches who truly care . You're not just a "client". You are a friend.
Frances Lorenzo
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Being part of Team Bunny means having supportive women by your side, who inspire and motivate you to be the best version of yourself. It's been a journey of discovery,not only through my fitness goals but also in my personal growth. Jill and the Team Bunny family is incredible.
Miranda Popen
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Team bunny has become more then just a diet or meal plan to me but has meshed with my way of life so perfectly that it did not feel like I was restricting or missing out on anything. With balance, clear communication, and open arms, Jill made this one of my greatest experiences that I did for comp and life after.
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Loved working with Jill. She is personable, sympathetic, encouraging, and knowledgable in her field. She is enthusiastic about what she does, which helps put me, the client, in the mindset that I can do the workouts and the diet, and that I can have fun while doing it. I’ve had experience with some coaches before and many think shouting and barking orders will push me, but it only discourages and angers me. Jill knows how to push me but within my ability and comfort range. For the workouts she takes injuries, discomfort, and current limitations into mind and will come up with modifications that are customized for me and still super effective. She’s taught me that there really isn’t anything I can’t do.
I came to Jill with a rather strict set of dietary parameters: vegetarian and in many areas preferably vegan; the ability to make meals quickly at home. She’s very knowledgable in this area and encouraging, always an email away from providing recommendations, nutrition facts, etc. (Also quick and easy to reach for fitness and coaching questions.) Her diet coaching has positively impacted my life. I’m pleased to say I look and feel healthier! I came to Jill wanting to make major changes to my lifestyle--I'd felt sluggish, unfit, cranky, and unhappy in my skin for too long. That is, until I met Jill. She shows you that you don't have to feel that way, and that setting habits and healthy routines isn't as difficult as you may think, and the rewards of taking care of yourself are truly amazing and life-changing. Proper diet and fitness coaching and encouragement from Jill, and determination on my end, were changing my body for the better, one day at a time. Like I said, I'm only halfway through my annual plan, but I am just about halfway to my weight goal, old jeans that no longer fit are new jeans that suddenly do fit, and most importantly I am feeling good in my own skin once again and I am much, much happier and more positive. Endorphins really do add an energy and mood boost. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens 6 months from now and will report back!"
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Nine months ago I gave myself the best gift by deciding to sign up with Jill for a 1 year transformation. Working with Team Bunny has always been a pleasure (in the past I had completed two 12-week transformations and hit my goals every time!). This round I wanted to really hold myself accountable and see what i could accomplish in a longer period (and yes that means staying on plan through all the birthdays, holidays, and stressful events that life brings). Well I’m almost there!!...and this journey has been life changing!!! Mindset has changed immensely. I no longer strive for an “end goal” or picture of perfection. Instead i strive for happiness and what makes me feel good as my goals are always evolving as I continue to grow. I know my physique will continue improving as long as I stay dedicated. I truly love being a part of Team Bunny because of the positivity and authenticity Jill brings. There is no second guessing myself, no feelings of guilt, no overthinking workouts or meals because Jill has it all figured out. What I love most is how accommodating she is to each person’s individual needs. Have a problem or concern about something and you can be sure a solution is just a phone call or email away with her. So lucky to have found a coach who is so smart and dedicated to the mental and physical well-being of her clients! Her knowledge about fitness, health, aesthetics, and her genuine passion for helping others truly sets her apart. One thing is for sure...Team bunny is my second family!!!
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When Jill asked me to write a testimonial for the new website; I felt a rush of emotions. It has taken me a good few weeks to write this... not because I didn't want to; but because I was afraid my words wouldn't make a big enough impact as Jill has done for me. I owe Jill my life, literally.. and I want to do her proud.. so here we go! I met Jill 4 years ago at the Arnold's. I actually competed against her! The entire time I was competing I was starting at her.. in awe of her physique and kindness. I was too afraid to talk to her, but have followed her for years online before reaching out for help. 10 months ago, I began working with Jill, after the stress of competing took its toll on my mental and physical health. I completely messed up my body by listening to my coach and taking steroids and fat burners (I don't even know what I took, so embarrassed to write that). My body began to "give up".... I put on 35lbs - and no i did not eat crap or binge. My hair started to fall out, I struggled to sleep & I even wanted to end my life at times... thinking I couldn't live in this body (I ruined it for a trophy, that I never even got!!!) Jill and I had many LONG talks and together we started our healing journey. What was amazing? She had great connections with her Functional Medicine school, and would have a second & third pair of eyes to help when needed (She wasn't afraid to ask for help!). In the timeframe we have worked together, I have lost 20lbs, my hair has started to strengthen, my sleep is better then ever, and I am HAPPY; (so is my hubby!) We have recently started CBT work as Jill is in school for that now (I asked her if we could add this in, and she was ecstatic!) So now, along with nutrition and training, I now have weekly homework (which I love) and phone calls to help understand my thoughts. Jill is an incredible human being. (I wish I lived closer to give her a hug... she saved my life!). So if you are looking to transform, with someone that is educated beyond any trainer I have ever heard of.. then don't hesitate to start with her! Your life will never be the same!
Liette Lawton
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Being apart of Team Bunny has helped me with my self confidence and being held accountable for my own success. Bunny Jill has been there for me every step of the way and I know that is why I followed through. Reading what the other bunnies go through surely adds knowledge to your journey.
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I Needed A Program With Extra Support  From the time that I was 18 years of age, I’ve been struggling with my weight. After trying weight watchers, Jenny Craig and my own attempts with neither working for me, I realized that to be successful, I needed a program with extra support. Working with Jill, I learned that my portion sizes were too large and I was making poor food choices & justifying them with excuses. We worked on my core belief; which was a feeling of helplessness. Together we were able to reframe my thoughts.. which helped me to believe in the weight loss process. I began making meals for myself which helped my wallet & reminded me that I needed to take care of me too!  Since working with Jill, I’ve lost over 50lbs and gained a whole lot more confidence. I like that I can go into regular stores and find something that fits met and I don’t mind going to the mall with my friends anymore. I also find that I have much more energy, which feels good and helps to keep me motivated as I continue to lose more weight. For others facing challenges with their weight, I say - don’t give up. You just need to find the right weigh loss solution for you and your lifestyle. Mine is Jill! 
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I decided it was time for a change! I was always the positive and upbeat person in the room, but deep inside I wasn’t so happy with myself. After I quite smoking, I packed on 100lbs and although I was active, I was not able to manage my food potions. One day, I finally said, “I’ve had enough and I’m going to make some changes.” That’s when after doing some online research, I found out about Team Bunny & the incredible Jill Bunny!  Since working with Jill (which I started in early 2018) I have lost 50lbs. Thanks to this new weight loss, I definitely feel like I treat myself better. Part of treating myself better is that I eat better and healthier because I care about myself. This has been my biggest transformation. As a woman, how we feel about ourselves is hard. We can be hard on ourselves sometimes and I can honestly say that treating myself better, because I feel better is probably the number one change in my life. Before Jill I felt like I as at rock bottom - now there’s no looking back! I have signed up for another year with Jill - and couldn’t be happier with that decision! I feel that the weekly accountability check-ins, and phone calls keep me on point & help me get unstuck if I feel an obstacle has presented itself. We have also started doing CBT sessions since the beginning of December, which has made such a difference going into the new year. If you are looking for someone that can really help you transform your life and body, then JILL is your mentor!