The Ultimate HIIT Program

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Are you ready to take your conditioning workouts to a whole new level & shed extra body fat?

Whether your goal is to lose weight, look good in a bikini, or just spice up your boring steady state cardio routine, this HIIT program will transform your body!

With over 75 workouts, The Ultimate HIIT Program is NO joke! You will target EVERY body part, increase endurance & lose excess fat and ultimately transforming your ENTIRE physique!


An in-depth guidebook & workout PDF that will guide you through each exercise, every step of the way

  • An in-depth guide discussing how to get started, & how to get the most out of the program by focusing on my top nutrition, supplement & training techniques.
  • ​Everything you need to know about the program is laid out in an easy to read PDF
  • Gain access to the easy to read workout template for all of your workouts designed in a PDF format.
  • Over 75 HIIT workouts
  • Workouts can be done at home or at the gym.
  • Some workouts involve a small amount of equipment / others are body weight.
  • The workouts can be scaled to ANY level. It is suitable for both experienced & novice fitness levels.
  • All instructional & demo videos for the workouts in this program are available to members on a private You-Tube account. They are between 30-60 seconds in length; so that you can quickly use it as a guide while training! Every exercise you will do were filmed!
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The Program Is Designed to Get Results!

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. Get ready to work for the best physique you have ever had. Many women see results and experience amazing changes in just the first few weeks of the program.

What’s the best part?

You can start regardless of your fitness level or what you are training for. This program has been completed by IFBB Pro’s, regular gym goers, and even newbies to the gym world! What’s more, The Ultimate HIIT Program has unlimited re-do value. All of the workouts are designed to be timeless.

The Ultimate HIIT Program is For:

  • Beginner to advanced level training
  • Women who want to lose weight & maintain lean muscle
  • Gym & home users
  • Women who see the value of approaching HIIT training in a structured manner
  • Women who see the merit of having a specific HIIT training program, designed by an experienced & qualified coach & IFBB Champion
  • Women who want to work with proven concepts that have helped many women transform, lose weight, win competitions, and feel confident in the skin they are in!

Cost of Program is $79.99+HST

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Meet Jill


You will need access to the appropriate equipment to complete daily workouts. Many of our customers have adequate equipment at home and are able to modify exercises.

For the Ultimate At Home Workout Program: YOU DO NOT NEED A GYM MEMBERSHIP! All you need is a set of dumbbells and resistance bands.

All of the Ultimate Training programs are digital products that can be downloaded as a PDF. Most people download to their phones as well.

The programs have been designed to cater to women of all ages, regardless of what level of fitness or experience you have in the gym. Having coached hundreds of athletes, I have designed a system that branches out to meet the needs of most women; while taking into account the equipment available in most gyms.

If you feel you have special circumstances, please reach out and I will be happy to discuss the program options with you.

All exercises have been made to accommodate 90% of gyms. Should you not have the adequate equipment, you can always modify the exercise. (Programs have modification recommendations). Just reach out on my Instagram page @fitbunnyjill if you are having difficulty.

For the Ultimate At Home Workout Program: All you need is Dumbbells & Resistance Bands!

As the programs are a digital product that you download and get to keep on your computer right after purchase, there is neither a refund nor a money-back guarantee. As someone who has been in the industry as a coach and athlete for over 15 years, I am here to deliver high quality programs that will change the way you train for life.

I recommend that you read through the testimonials which are based on real women’s experiences, and check out the detailed info above before purchasing.

I do offer custom nutrition & training plans with Team Bunny. If you would like to experience 1-to-1 coaching please contact me through the contact page or check out my other website:

Check out my contact page where you can always e-mail with any other questions that you might have.