Train Your Brain To Lose Weight

Without Restriction or Deprivation

Do you struggle to stick to a diet plan? Do you manage to lose weight only to have it all creep back on again? Have you tried working out, but give up before ever seeing a result? This constant cycle of being on and off plan is difficult and frustrating and can leave yourself feeling helpless and unhappy. So how can our online Neuro-Slim Foundations course help you?

Train Your Brain To Stop The Yo-Yo Cycle

Women who use the Neuro-Slim tools see results! Why? 


    The only 1-to-1 weight loss coaching program on the market for women who want to understand what is happening in their brain and see how it is creating their weight loss struggle.


    You need more than meal plans and cleanses. You need the skills and tools to lose weight while you live our life.


    Complete the course material at your own pace. Each module is meant to be completed in 10-15 minutes so you spend more time APPLYING the information in your day-to-day.


    No more self-sabotage, quitting on yourself, or beating yourself up about every little aspect of weight loss. Receive 1-to-1 coaching from your neuro-slim coach, multipe times per week!

The Neuro-Slim Foundations Program Includes:

weight loss for women
weight loss for women

Neuro-Slim Foundations Success


I lost the weight, and kept it off!

Learning to trust in and enjoy the process and see all the progress I’ve made has been life changing. Physically I have noticed a lot of changes but I never expected the mental changes that I’ve experienced. I couldn’t be happier. My anxiety levels have decreased so much and my energy levels have increased. I truly am on a lifelong journey to living my best life. It is an amazing feeling being apart of the Neuro-Slim community. The support from women I have never met is incredible and their journeys are inspiring.

ARistea - Oakville Ontario

Holy, I have my life back!

I used to wake up in the morning anxious about what I had to eat in order to achieve a certain goal. I used to go to bed either happy if I stuck to the plan or disturbed if I didn’t. This cycle has made me a slave to my own judgements. I now wake up in the morning and focus on health, I set myself up for it. I want to eat the best foods in order to be healthy. I want to manage my stress in order to be healthy. I want to be mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically set up to live my best life and to put my values into this world. And the best thing is: I can so gladly and freely say that I really do now. In this whole process I finally have come to the point where I let go of my weight loss intentions

Annemarie - Germany

I Love My Strong Body!

Being a mom, a wife and a high-functioning corporate professional, I had fallen into the habit of investing so much time and energy into making sure everyone else in my world was happy and taken care of that I often failed to invest in myself. This left me tired, anxious, stressed out and, quite frankly, using food as a way to cope with my own self-neglect. The Neuro-Slim 3 Step System changed my life. Not only am I better managing my stress, I’m identifying my stressors and implementing real-time changes that help me stay in control without the risk of self-sabotage. I’m waking up rested, I’m shifting the focus back on my own health and well-being without feeling guilty about it and, for the first time in a long-time I feel like I am successful in all aspects of my life.

Alicia Dow - Toronto ONtario

Neuro-Slim Foundations!

What would it feel like to have the confidence to never worry about your weight again?

You’ll leave this elite coaching program knowing how to live your life at a weight you love — even through the holidays, birthdays, stressful days, and vacations.