• @fitbunnyjill


  • November 15, 2018

Are you lacking motivation? Are you spending too much time scrolling through facebook or instagram trying to get yourself off the coach to go to the gym or start a project you have always wanted to do? We have all been there. We have all woken up on the wrong side of the bed, lacking self motivation to push through. Yes, CEO’s, professional athletes, entrepreneurs and even myself have caught the “deflation motivation bug!”

However, the most successful people don’t hold onto that bug long! Why? Because they have their medicine cabinet filled with a bunch of helpful remedies to combat any situation!

Here are a few practical solutions to help you kick that motivation into high gear! Let us know which one resonates to you best by commenting below!

  1.  Reward Yourself: Don’t we all love to get a present or reward! Of course! So, make a deal with yourself. Every time you finish a task, reward yourself with a walk outside or with a bunny approved treat!
  2. Fake It: If you don’t feel motivated or enthusiastic, then act like it. The strange thing is, that within a few minutes, you might actually start to feel motivated!
  3. Affirmations: Read an affirmation that resonates to you and puts that feel good sensation back in your body. Don’t have one? Check out these accounts for some inspirational affirmations: @6amsuccess @motivated.mindset @elevateyourmindset @fitbunnyjill
  4. Be Big, Be Bold! Time to start goal setting, in a BIG way! Set a large and specific goal. This will motivate you much more than small little goals. A big goal has a big effect and can create a lot of motivation.
  5. Compare Yourself with Yourself. Not With Anyone Else. Comparing what you have and your results to what other people have can instantly squash any small amount of motivation you have inside. News Flash, there are always people ahead of you, most likely quite a bit of people. So, focus on you and your own results. You are Unique!!!
  6. Remember Your Successes.  Write down your successes in either a journal or note on your phone. Time to fill your brain full of all the successful things you have accomplished instead of dwelling on the failings.
  7. Do Not Fear Failure. Instead, use it as a feedback system. Use it to analyze what you can do differently the next time around.
  8. Do research in the field you are working in. By taking to time research, you will get valuable insight into some of the difficulties you might run into along the way.
  9. Cut Down on TV. Are you one of those netflix bingers? Simple solution: watch less of what they are doing in TV-land and do more of what you want to do in life.

Make Each Day Count. We don’t have all the time in the world. Focus on today and do the things you really want to do.

What do you like to do to kick your motivation up a notch? Comment below!

Lots of Love,

Jill Bunny