The Ultimate Gym Training Program

For Women


For Women Who Want to

Build Muscle, Lose Fat & Get Stronger

Take your training to the next level with The Ultimate Training Program – 100 Gym-Workout Challenge! The workouts will shake up your ‘routine’ and help you get past sticking points in your progress. The days where YOU have to plan what to do in the gym are gone! No need to think about it; all you have to do is – show up to the gym and commit!

Can you handle the challenge? Check it out! The video showcases just a small glimpse into your NEW workouts! 

100 GYm Workout Challenge!

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If you are a woman who wants to lose weight, get rid of stubborn fat by training hard in the gym, these workouts are for you!

Gym Workouts Will Get You Results!

The breakthrough weight-loss, strength training program for women who actually want to transform…


    The 100-Gym Workout Challenge is the only strength training program on the market for women who want to lift, build strength and muscle (without bulking up), while dropping weight and losing excess fat.


    100 breakthrough GYM-based workouts designed for women of any age - who are committed to putting in the work!


    Created to fit every woman’s gym schedule; whether you train 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or more per week.


    This program is for woman who are completely committed to taking action whether they are at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level of fitness.


    After each workout, you will have a bonus HIIT workout to complete. You can complete this if you want to change up your typical “steady state” cardio routine, burn more fat and get out of the gym quicker!

The Gym Program Includes:

Limited Time! Special Bonus Offer!

Take the 100-Gym Workout Challenge and watch your body transform. As a bonus, I will GIFT you my top-selling travel workouts and the 101 recipe cookbook and much more. Why? So you are armed with all of the tools you will need to succeed; whether it’s in the kitchen cooking healthy recipes, or on vacation where you need a quick-fix workout!

The Ultimate Training Program

$279 $99+HST
  • 100 Gym-Based Workouts
  • Demo Videos
  • Comprehensive Guidebook
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Bonus HIIT Workouts
  • Discount on 1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Free Bonus Gifts

Value $399
  • Ultimate Ab Workout
  • Ultimate Travel Program
  • Ultimate HIIT Workout
  • Bunny Approved Cookbook
  • The Booty Band Warm-Up
  • Ultimate Recovery Guide

Success Stories

Skills for Life

Jill was personally invested in making sure I reached my goals and dedicated to being there every step of the way. Sure I lost the weight, but I gained so much more! Thank you Jill for the life skills that get me through the every day and allow me to continue looking and feeling my best every day!

Rose Robbins

New Body – New Found Confidence

When I started the UTP I took before and after photos as well as measurements and holy shit has my body changed. Being on a structured plan really made a difference for me. I used to be a cardio bunny and then randomly do whatever in the gym, but not really seeing the progress because I never really followed a plan. Thanks to the UTP I now have a body that I have always dreamed of. I loved the 1000 rep challenges those are always fun. Love the programs!!!


Booty building and body shaping!

The UTP volume 2 will change your body and build that booty. It is intense and will challenge you physically and mentally with every single work out! The bonus challenges will push you even harder and the videos Jill gives you are a great tool if you’re unsure about a certain exercise.

If you want to see changes than this program is for you!

Jaclyn Iaquinto


Being on the Jill Bunny program I found that I DESERVE to feel confident, to believe in my self and to find the strength I’ve always had deep inside.


100 Gym Workouts!

I am Ready to Transform!

I am ready to start my 100-Gym Workout Challenge! I commit to showing up and completing the workouts. I will soak up the knowledge and mindset tools given to me in the guidebook. I will transform because I am controlling how I train in the gym!

I am ready for my first gym challenge workout!


Everything You Need To Know

You will need access to the appropriate equipment to complete daily workouts. Many of our customers have adequate equipment at home and are able to modify exercises.

For the Ultimate At-Home 50 Workout Program: YOU DO NOT NEED A GYM MEMBERSHIP! All you need is a set of dumbbells, resistance bands, a booty band and an exercise mat.

All of the Training Programs are digital products that can be downloaded as PDFs. Most women download them to their phones as well.

The programs have been designed to cater to women of all ages, regardless of what level of fitness or experience you have. Having coached hundreds of athletes, I have designed a system that branches out to meet the needs of most women; while taking into account minimal equipment.

If you feel you have special circumstances, please reach out and I will be happy to discuss the program options with you.

For the Ultimate At-Home Workout Program, all you need is a pair of dumbbells, a set of resistance bands, a booty band and an exercise mat. A kettlebell is optional. You do not need any specialized gym equipment!

For the Ultimate Training Program - all exercises have been made to accommodate 90% of gyms. Should you not have the adequate equipment, you can always modify the exercise. (Programs have modification recommendations). 

As the programs are digital products that you download and get to keep on your computer right after purchase, there is neither a refund nor a money-back guarantee.

I recommend that you read through the testimonials which are based on real women’s experiences, and check out the detailed info above before purchasing.

I do offer custom nutrition & training plans. If you would like to experience 1-to-1 coaching please contact me through the contact page.