Are You A Weight Cycling Dieter?

weight cycling dieter

The term yo-yo dieting, also known as weight cycling, affects many women. Athletes who are forced to change their weight or appearance for the sake of sport (fitness competitions, ballet, gymnastics) are considered weight cyclers, because their weight fluctuates up and down.

More commonly social media uses the term yo-yo dieters. The term yo-yo dieters describes people who attempt to lose weight, but fail to maintain their new low weight, and eventually gain the weight back again. For the purpose of this article, we will use the term ‘weight cycle dieting’ instead of ‘yo-yo dieting.’

Cycles of weight loss + weight gain

Weight cyclers may experience long periods (a few years) where their low weight is sustained, however, for a variety of psychological, emotional and physiological reasons they eventually return to their set weight. People who ‘weight cycle diet’ may actually end up gaining more weight than they originally started with. Many women struggle with weight cycling diets, particularly if they are not given correct information about sustainable and long term weight loss. Fad diets or extreme dieting for short periods of time will also result in the weight dieting cycle.

Unhelpful eating habits + feeling worthless

Feelings of worthlessness, failure and sadness may occur for those who struggle with chronic dieting and weight gain. The development of disordered eating patterns is also a common consequence of weight cycling diets. People with unhelpful eating habits often feel numb during large consumption episodes. If this sounds like you, and you are frustrated and feel trapped in a cycle of weight cycling diets and want healthy long term weight loss, I can help you.

Weight cycling diet symptoms

If you say yes to any of the statements below, this may indicate you are struggling with weight cycling issues.

  • I am overweight and trying to lose weight in a healthy manner
  • My efforts to lose weight end up in failure
  • I am able to keep weight off for a short time, but eventually I gain it all back
  • I have been dieting for a long time
  • I feel I am worthless
  • There are times where I eat massive amounts of food all at once
  • I eat in secret as I am ashamed of people watching me consume food
  • I feel I am not in control over what I eat
  • I feel trapped in an endless cycle of weight gain and weight loss
  • I often feel depressed and sad

What happens to my body during weight-cycling?

‘Weight cycle dieting’ is very common and occurs due to physiological changes in the body, poor weight loss information and low self- efficacy.

When you severely reduce the amount of food you consume, a ton of changes occur in your body. If you are eating less food, and perhaps avoiding carbs, the brain starts to believe food is scarce and shifts into starvation mode.

Do you often end up sabotaging your diet plan?

At this point your body works against your program and desire to burn fat. Your thyroid function slows, resulting in a slow and sluggish metabolism. Hormones that promotes leakage of fat from fat cells, start to drop so your body can conserve your fat stores.

Your brain also tells your body to conserve energy by moving less, as a result of your lowered metabolism. Weight loss slows, frustration, anger and boredom take over, and hunger promoted by brain chemistry drives you to eat.

Most people then overeat because they feel they have been depriving themselves. Over eating is common, and the satisfaction and delight of eating junk food again can move you to trance like state of bliss. Once again brain chemistry is hooking you back into the comfort of eating.

When you put weight back on, do you put it all on and more?

Weight gain is rapid due to your low metabolism following the dieting period. Your net result is being heavier than before you started the diet. You probably feel like a failure, have engaged in high levels of self-loathing and feel trapped in a weight loss and weight gain cycle.

What do you suggest as my next step to stop weight cycle dieting?

Send me a message and we can discuss how weekly confidential coaching calls can help. With an extensive background in functional nutrition, life coaching and CBT-Fitness (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). I am here to use all the education I have learned and apply it personally to your weight cycling issues.


2021 The Year We Rise Above Instagram!

As we lead into a new year, I thought I would take a minute to share with you 5 words that I will be focusing on in 2021 when it comes to Instagram!

  1. Boundaries
  2. Commitment
  3. Honesty
  4. Organization
  5. Self-Kindness

From all areas of my life: personal and professional, I am not immune to feeling guilt, shame, fear and unworthiness. It happens from time-to-time. But what do I feel is the culprit for these unsettling feelings this past year? (Ok maybe the last 5 years)… Instagram! There, I said it! Boy does that feel good to get off my chest! I am not sure if you, or someone you know feels the same way… but isn’t it time that we no longer allow an app to take away so much joy and happiness?

When I wrote down what gives me joy, happiness and contentment – Instagram did not make the cut!

When I asked myself, “why do I use Instagram?” here were some of my answers…

  • I feel I have to (as a business owner)
  • To feel connection
  • To express myself

Embarrassingly, I also use it to:

  • To compare myself to others (for many years I compared my body to other accounts)
  • To look at what other people are up to
  • To relieve tension, and anxiety (although it just caused more!)
  • To relieve boredom
  • To “fit-in”

Reflecting on my answers,  I have decided take back my personal power, by honouring my 5 words when using Instagram.


  • Turn off the comment section of my posts (This is so that I do not feel compelled to open the app and respond right away). I will turn it back on, just not right now.
  • I will NO LONGER swipe away unconsciously on my feed and browse as means of coping or avoiding.


  • I will use my knowledge and education to inspire you OFF social media – through blog posts, my new Weekly Accountability Membership, and 1-to-1 coaching services.
  • I will spend more time writing material that I own the rights to (I will no longer provide Facebook or Instagram with my best writing)
  • I will show up for you and support you – OFF social media! I feel compelled to go back in time and live life how it used to be: long before apps took over our day-to-day productivity!


  • I will no longer hold back what I believe needs to be talked about.
  • I will say no to things that do not serve my purpose.


  • I will plan out the time that I spend on social media – with purpose.


  • I will honour both of OUR needs and make OUR health and wellness a priority – which means building an OFF-LINE connection!
  • I will no longer judge my accomplishments based on what an app dictates is a success!

The 5 words above will make all the difference in how I will choose to live out 2021. Will they help you?

Grant yourself the strength to accept what you cannot control, the courage to change what you can, and the wisdom to know the difference between the two.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope that we can build a strong PERSONAL bond, and change the way we use social media in 2021!

Exception Reflection Activity

As we gear up for a New Year, I wanted to share an exercise that I use with 1-to-1 clients. But before we dive into the “Exception Reflection Activity” I wanted to disclose what my coaching style is all about!


I believe that in order for many women (including myself) to achieve sustainable results, we must shift the focus from what is wrong to what is right with our fitness transformation and from what is not working to what is working.


I specialize in ‘Positive CBT-Fitness’ which aims to improve women’s health and well-being by emphasizing and exploring exceptions to the problem as opposed to the problem itself.


Self-monitoring of your problematic thoughts, feelings, and behaviours in coaching sessions is a classic technique that many coaches utilize. This technique allows you to gain a more accurate understanding of the problem and the context in which it occurs, as opposed to relying on recall.


From my perspective of positive CBT-Fitness coaching, self-monitoring in this way only encourages you to develop a narrow focus on “the problem.” Subsequently, you may miss the opportunity to observe and learn anything else.


With Positive CBT-Fitness, self-monitoring is not about your problems or symptoms, but about your strengths and exceptions to the problem. This approach enables you to learn more about yourself as well as about what works and what is going well for you, which you can then use and apply to change your situation for the better.

The tool you can now download is based on the concept of positive self-monitoring.

I invite you to keep an ‘exceptions reflection journal’ to begin to document and thus focus on when the problem does not occur and why.


If you are a 1-to-1 client, then please send over your filled in PDF worksheet – and we will discuss on our next call.

If you have filled it out, and would like to work 1-to-1 together, send me a message, and we will discuss an option that will fit your goals and budget.


Why People Never Become Fit

fitness sabotage

Have you wondered why some people never become fit? After working in the fitness industry for over 15 years, I have come to notice 3 reasons why many people don’t become fit.

1. It never occurs to them

It never occurs to certain people that they can become fit. Because of their upbringing and early conditioning, perhaps coming from a home where no one had ever eaten healthy or exercised, or associating with unfit people, they never thought that they could become fit.

2. They never decided to do it

Many people wish, hope, dream and fantasize about how their lives would be different if they were fit. They admire and envy people around them who are fitter than they are. They worry about their health, including weight all the time. But they never make a firm, take action decision to become fit.

As a result, they never even take the first step. They don’t learn fitness-creation techniques. They don’t upgrade their knowledge, and skills so that they become fitter.

These people often make excuses and rationalize their fitness situation by saying that fitness success is simply a matter of “genes” and they didn’t get any.

3. They procrastinate

If it does occur that these people want to become fitter, they never in fact get started. They procrastinate. They often move to that wonderful fantasy place called, “Someday I will.”

  • Someday I will start eating healthy.
  • Someday I will work harder and make my fitness a priority.
  • Someday I will stop making excuses.

These people end up living on “Someday I will” for most of their lives.

Learning & Practice

Fortunately, each of these limitations to fitness success can be overcome through learning and practice. Each of these obstacles can be turned into a stepping-stone to success when you learn how to think the way fit people think!

One of the greatest secrets I tell my clients is to vote yourself in! Stop making excuses and start making progress.

You can think and become fit with the proper support system!

How to Workout at the Gym After Covid-19

gym workout after Covid-19

Gyms are starting to re-open and I know some of you might be excited to get back into your gym routine! However, your workout routine at home may not have looked the same as your routine at the gym. Here are some of questions I have been getting and how you can return to the gym, while decreasing the chance of injury.

Should I go back to my old training plan?

This depends on what type of exercises you were able to do while in lockdown. If you didn’t have the same access to equipment, you need to ease your way back into the gym. For some of you, it has been a few months – keep this under consideration. We do NOT want to get injured or be too sore to complete our workout the following day.

lifting weights in the gym after Covid

Should I reduce my weights?

The amount of weight you work out with when going back to the gym will depend on whether or not you were able to continue the same type of workout at home. If you were able to keep the same type of weight while training at home, you can continue those exercises when you return to the gym.

However, if you’ve had to limit your workouts, or stopped altogether during the COVID-19 you will want to reduce your weights for the first few weeks.

Should I be concerned about wearing a mask to train?

Wearing a mask while working out will not be of concern if:

  • You’re doing a light workout
  • Lifting weights (especially lighter weights such as the upper body/arms)
  • If you don’t have any respiratory or cardiovascular conditions.

However, do not be alarmed if you find yourself becoming out of breath faster.

Should I do HIIT if I have to wear a mask?

When it comes to high-intensity workouts (HIIT), wearing a mask will affect your breathing and your workout. If you find yourself becoming tired quicker, feeling dizzy, or nauseous, please take precautions.

Performing a cardiovascular exercise means your breathing rate will increase and your body’s need for oxygen also increases. Wearing a mask may prevent your body from getting all the oxygen it requires, so you may need to:

  • Take more breaks in between exercises
  • Limit how long you work out for
  • Reduce the intensity of your work out.

If you find wearing a mask doing cardio to diffocult, the best solution is to do cardio outside and maintain a safe social distance, (That way way you won’t have to wear a mask).

How long will it take to get back to my regular workout routine?

There is no quick way to get back to your regular routine without avoiding injury, frustration or self-sabotage. If you push yourself too hard you’ll become injured or too sore to workout the next day. The risk is that you will have to take more time off from the gym to recover – which may lead to self-sabotage and quitting your workouts all together.

The best way to get back to your regular routine is to continue to work out on a regular basis. If  you have stopped working out entirely during lockdown, then I recommend starting slow (with reduced reps, reduced weight, etc.) to avoid injury — always remember to listen to your body!

How should I workout the first few times I go back to the gym?

This depends on how much exercise you completed during lockdown. However, an easy way to navigate your gym workout the first couple weeks is to pick the machines that you previously used – reduce the weight and complete 3 sets of around 10-12 reps.

A sample Gym Leg Workout Routine Post Covid might look like this:

  • Leg Curl Machine 3 x 12-15 reps
  • Leg Extension 3 x 12-15 reps
  • Leg Press 3 x 12-15 reps
  • Back Squat (Barbell or Smith Machine) 3 x 12-15 reps
  • Abductor Machine 3 x 12-15 reps


Have any more questions or concerns about returning to the gym?

If there’s a question I didn’t answer on this post don’t hesitate to contact me! If you would like a customized post COVID-19 Gym Program, just reach out! I am always here to help!

New Clients are welcome!


Are You Engaging Your Glutes?

engage your glutes

Stop Doing Hip Thrusts Like a Yoga Move

The biggest mistake I see women when do when trying to complete hip thrust exercises, is using proper form they learned in Pilates and Yoga. If you are not seeing the results from resistance band hip thrusts – this could be the reason why your hard work is not paying off!

In the video below I will show you exactly how to engage your “booty” aka glutes – so the next set of Hip Thrusts you complete – will actually tone and shape your booty!!


How to Complete Hip Thrusts for Optimal Booty Engagement

Ready to try Hip Thrusts as part of a complete booty warm-up?

Check out the Ultimate Booty Warm-Up! On Sale fo only $7.99. Check out the program now!

My Secret: The Day I Once Hated… Is Now The Day I Celebrate!


Opening up my Facebook this morning, I happened to click on my “Memories” to read this post:


You might be thinking – what made that day so hard? (And why would I drink coffee or tea instead of wine?)

On June 19th, 2011 – was the day my entire world ended. It felt like I was in a plane crash, accompanied by my UK friends and family – and I was the only one that survived.

It might sound a bit over the top – but at that time – that was how I felt.

At 25 years old, I boarded a plane, leaving my entire UK friends and family behind – including my soon to be ex-husband. I wish I could write that I had made the decision to leave the marriage. But that was not the case.  I was no longer wanted. It was heartbreaking, finding out that the person I loved, no longer felt the same way. Years of memories and friendships were all taken away; almost instantly.

Feeling hopeless, unloved and unworthy – I had to somehow pick myself up and start over. But how? At 25, divorced and jobless, I felt broken. I felt I had too much “baggage” and no-one would ever want to date a “divorcee.”

I remember looking out the planes window, thinking how much easier it would be if the plane just crashed. I would no longer feel the pain and heartache – and I wouldn’t be a burden to my family. Was I better off not being alive?

Sitting here – writing that last paragraph, has me gasping for air. With tears streaming down my face, and fingers trembling, I feel the urge to express how lucky I feel for escaping my past life. And honestly – what an incredible NEW life I have created!

I went from:

  • Weighing 95lbs and depressed – to weighing __lbs (who knows how much I weigh)… I’m happy!
  • Earning minimum wage working at a gym – to owning three health and fitness companies!
  • Being stuck in an unhappy, unfulfilled marriage – to a marriage full of love and happiness!
  • Having zero belief in my own capabilities – to thinking there is NO LIMIT to what I can conquer!
  • Thinking I am no longer an athlete – to finding my sport, and winning 4 IFBB Titles!
  • Being told I was too old to be a model (at 24)- to landing 5 Covers! (One at 33 years of age).
  • Thinking I am a terrible writer, scared to put my thoughts on paper – to publishing 3 books on Amazon!
  • Having little respect for my life – to appreciating everyday I am alive (Yes, surviving cancer and living with MS brings a different perspective on life).
  • Thinking I need to look beautiful to have friends – to wanting to FEEL beautiful for myself!


I have learned a lot over the past 9 years – and it took a lot of work to change my thoughts and beliefs. But everyday I wake up, I am glad that I fought for a better life. I am so grateful to my hubby, Mr. Bunny. Thank you for being my best friend, and showing me that love, marriage and friendship could be better then I ever imagined!

Tonight, Mr. Bunny and I are celebrating this day – The day I left my past behind and flew back to Canada, where I am happy to call my HOME!

How are we celebrating? French Martini’s and Jerk Chicken from the 100+ Recipe Cookbook! You can download for free and join us in our celebration!

Thank you all, especially the Bunnies reading this, that have been part of my life and business over the last 9 years. Thank you for healing my heart and showing me that life is worth living!

Lots of Love,

Jill Bunny


PS – If you run a fitness business – My Best Friend Kristen and I are celebrating Sunday June 21st at 12pm ET – with our signature Brunch + Brand Call (FREE) talking about ways you can save money! Register Now! 

Forgive… and Get Fit!

When I thought about starting another weight loss journey, I immediately thought about diet plans, and hours at the gym. All the sacrifices to get in shape.

But when I started my weight loss journey with Jill (Two years ago, Jill showed me there was something else just as important as changing my eating and exercise habits.) Forgiveness.

You see, for so many years I beat myself up for not taking good care of my body. How did I let myself get to 252 pounds? Why did I eat this or that? Why didn’t I go to the gym?

I would get so caught up in my own guilt and shame that I would soothe myself by overeating…the very thing I was beating myself up for! It was a vicious cycle that kept repeating itself over and over again.

Then came the summer of 2016, when a diabetes diagnoses put everything into perspective. I finally realized that my weight was slowly killing me by putting me at higher risk of stroke, heart disease and an early death.

The good news: I had the power of choice to change it. But first, I had to forgive myself for years of poor choices.

Here’s the thing about the past. We cannot go back and change it. It’s impossible. Reliving those moments in our minds can sometimes lead to repeating them.

We can only learn from the past and use our mistakes as tools to help us grow. Something Jill has helped me with immensely.

Grow from the past, don’t live there. Nearly 2.5 years and 100 pounds later- on my health and fitness journey, forgiveness remains one of the most important tools. Trust me, there are days I still struggle with eating right and exercising. But on bad days I find comfort in forgiveness, and freedom in forgiving myself, too.

Forgive yourself and get fit!

– Sarah

Stop Spending Money on a Fitness Coach Until You…

Ok, I know the title is a little over the top but I needed to get your full attention.

Have I got it?

Great, let’s kick things off!

Listen, I know you have some hefty fitness goals.

I know you want the most rocking summer bod, that will turn heads. (Ok, at least the heads of your husband or that unsupportive friend who never thought you could lose the weight).

I know all this because I have worked with many women just like you, over the past 15 years.

A big dream, and you’re ready to make a life changing transformation. But it’s not happening.
You’re still not achieving the results you really want.
Something is sabotaging your efforts.

You feel like the skinny jeans and crop top tanks are against you!
Not enough weight has been dropped and you’re certainly not happy with the results thus far.
That makes you sad and frustrated.

Most days, you feel like you’re spinning your hamster wheel, not getting very far. I hear ya….it’s a BIG pain in the arse! So you think, “I will get some help!”

You may have thought to yourself:

“I’ll hire a fitness coach, someone who can really help me drop this weight once and for all.”

You google and come across some eye-catching websites, read some FB posts and see a ton of IG “before and after” photos – and you invest.

You invest and you’re ready for the big transformation. Then… week after week, nothing happens.
Crickets – Zero – Nada. Okay, Maybe a couple of inches and pounds are lost. But not what you wanted and certainly not what you had hoped for. You feel so down; as if there’s something seriously wrong with you. If others can get great results, why not you? Maybe you’ve even kicked yourself for falling for another magic plan once again.

If you’ve ever felt like this, you’re not alone!

And after hearing this from one too many women, I knew I had to write about it. You see, I’ve been in the training and coaching field for over 15 years.

I’ve worked my socks off to get experience, knowledge and qualifications and helping my clients get results and nothing pees me off more than seeing really great women like you get sucked into hype, magic pill syndrome.

Good Old Social Proof!

But here’s what I want I want you to know.

Fitness coaching is in crisis right now and I don’t want you to pay one more penny to a coach until you read the next bit (it won’t take long, pinky promise!)

As someone who works with women who want to level up their fitness day in day out, as someone who has worked with athletes, business executives, shift workers and front line staff, I know the power of a health and fitness coach (IT’S HUGE!) but right now, you need to know the top 3 reasons why fitness coaching might NOT be for you… just yet!

Now remember, this is just my take on it but judging from the many women I’ve spoken to and worked with …. This is a problem! But I’m also not a downer so I’m not just about to unload a whole lot of crap into your brain. I will also share how you can make coaching work for you!

1. Every Tom, Dick & Harry is a Fitness Coach

Yep, Tom, Dick and Harry have made an appearance and they are flipping everywhere!

The problem we see is that there are many excellent coaches out there doing their thing.

But, there are a ton of people who see fitness coaches doing really well and think ‘I’ll do that.’ Please know I am not knocking anybody… that is not my style.

But what I do have a problem with is people who are not qualified putting themselves in a position to guide others in their health journey. (This is NOT something to take lightly).

And that is not cool, especially when it comes to someone else’s health. As much as I hate to say this, yes there are unscrupulous people out there who use fake testimonials to bring you into their business and then boom, you’ve spent money on them. That is not right.

To make sure fitness coaching helps you achieve your goals, please do your due diligence and make sure your coach is excellent. It doesn’t have to be about tons of certifications but actually talk to the people featured in their testimonials.

Before you spend your hard earned money on someone, make sure it’s well directed.

I’m scrupulous about making sure women know why they’re hiring me. My strength is in helping women get clarity about what they could be doing to get fitter, helping them define the right nutrition and training protocol, how to implement, and then hold them accountable.

I love helping my women create the mind and body they have always dreamed of.

That’s what I do and if you need something different, then I’m not your coach and I am comfortable with that.

Beware the ‘fitness coach’ who says they can help you with whatever you need!

2. Beware the Snake Oil Charmers

Yes, obtaining a fit-toned body can be hard.

It can be a struggle especially when you’re not clear on how to actually do it. It can be a big pain when you have no plan of action and you are are literally watching weight slowly creep on month after month.

But when you’ve been spinning that wheel for too long and you’re about to give up, that’s when you want the knight in shining armour.

The magic pill. The special snake oil.

The “plan” that will make all your weight disappear. You invest. You do the work (or some of the work if you’re really honest). And you get some results but nothing major.

And you start to wonder if you’ll ever lose the weight.

Let me be the first to say… there is nothing wrong with you; it’s just that you’re looking for something that doesn’t exist.

The truth is there is no magic pill.

And if you’re still looking for it and you’re still investing in coaches to find it, you’re going to spend a whole lot of money and a lot of time still looking. For nothing. There is no magic pill.

What works is consistent action.

Let me qualify that….what works is consistent RIGHT actions.

Focusing on the right things at the right time.

That is the magic pill.

Build consistency in your fitness routine and watch your fitness results appear.

Yes, invest in the skills and knowledge so you are armed with what you need to make sure your results last long-term. The most important thing is you commit to your program and you stick with it!

What makes the difference is you showing up every

day and being consistent and persistent.

3. Hype Never Tells the Full Story

Did you know there is no such thing as overnight success? You probably already know that but yet, we still fall into the trap of thinking it!

I am really tired and fed up of hearing women talk about how they lost weight in matter of weeks. Do you know why I’m tired of hearing it? Because it just isn’t the truth.

Too many important details are hidden in the small print.

I recently did a podcast on how one of my clients reached her 100lbs weight loss goal! I was so keen to emphasize was how long it took her….how long it took to refine the nutrition plan, create a consistent workout routine, and of course how to re-set after a set back etc.

“So, how long did it take? 2.5 years! Now, we are on a one year maintenance-coaching phase. So that his 3.5 years of coaching! Not something that is a big sell to the fitness industry – but it is the truth.” 

Now I dont want to be a Debbie Downer. Yes we know weight loss and transformations can be done quicker but the reality is, it can take a substantial amount of time to instil the necessary habits.

Yes, there are many who seem to have dropped substantial weight in no time at all.

But this is when our comparison-monster rears her head and tells you there must be something wrong with you if you can’t get the same weight-loss results.

But here’s what you need to know….you have no idea as to what that person has done to achieve those results. You do not know their plan, how much weight they had to lose, if they took extra “supplements,” had cosmetic surgery, (or just used a photoshop app) etc.

I know, it’s crazy! Trust me, many of the women I work with fall into this trap. My best advice?

Create a safety word when you start indulging in the comparison monster!!

It is a great way to diffuse that horrible energy! (Mine might totally be Richard- stole it from my bestie hehe). 

It’s NOT Doom and Gloom. Coaching is Actually Amazing!

OK, so by now you know that I believe fitness coaching  is very worthwhile and a great investment for your health… (Heck this is my career).

Fitness coaching can be tremendously transformational and exciting. It helps you take the necessary leaps and bounds in your health and fitness transformation. It stretches you (not like Yoga), and pushes you out of your comfort zones so you start to believe in yourself.

As long as:

  • You don’t just hire any Tom, Dick or Harry
  • You’re not taken in by snake oil charmers
  • And your BS radar is part of your operating system so you can filter out the hype.

I hope this has been helpful…now go forth and be awesome in your fitness journey! You are making strides in optimizing your health and happiness and it’s so important to get the right support for yourself and your fitness goals.

If you’d like to connect with me, I’d love for you to join Team Bunny – if you are ready for a no BS approach to obtaining fitness results!

Lots of Love

Jill Bunny