63 Years Fit! Interview with Front Line No Frills Manager Cathie!

Cathie Leahy is one of the many inspiring women to join Team Bunny; and at 63, she proves that age is just a number! I have had the pleasure of coaching Cathie for this past year – with our goal of doing a photoshoot. We were planning to do a photoshoot retreat in Arizona this June… but COVID-19 hit.

And, you know what… she hasn’t skipped a beat! Yes Cathie is in her 60’s, working in the front lines helping manage her husbands grocery store. Before COVID-19, Cathie has not missed a workout the entire year we have worked together… and the pandemic didn’t stop her. Tune in to learn how Cathie is handling working on the front lines, while also ensuring she makes her health and fitness goals a priority.

Cathie’s favourite program(s) that have been a big help to her health and fitness transformation and year long consistency has been the 1:1 coaching that includes weekly accountability check-ins (which I LOVE reading!) and the 4 Week CBT-Fit Course – which she is currently completing for the 3rd time – and now… with her staff at No Frills.

Thank you Cathie, for taking the time to speak to our listeners – I know we will all be cheering you on as we plan our next photoshoot retreat, and we obtain the goal of doing a photoshoot –  and getting published. (Oh wait, was that my goals for you?)

Lots of Love,

Jill Bunny



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Interview: Brittany McEachern Front Line Physiotherapist


Interview with Team Bunny Athlete:

Brittany McEachern Front Line Physiotherapist


Learn how Brittany is sticking to her goal of competing on stage – while working in the Hospital doing COVID-19 – as a physiotherapist.

Brittany started working with Team Bunny to prepare for her fitness competition – which has unfortunately been postponed until September.  Although her hours are longer and the demand at work is more risky and stressful – Brittany remains focused on her PERSONAL GOALS She even ensured the staff hospital gym remained open (with strict rules) so the workers could practice self-care!

Brittany’s favourite program that was included in her 1-to-1 coaching: 4 Week CBT-Fit Course. (Right now you can start your CBT independent learning course and save an additional $50 using code CBT2020).


In The Hot Seat: Fitness Competitor Allison Thiboutot

Allison has been part of the Team Bunny Family for over 3 years. Within that timeframe, I have been blessed to train her for:

  • Destination wedding
  • Fitness competition
  • Personal Training Certification
  • And now… her second competition!

For the past 1.5 years, Allison has taken time away from competing to bring an entirely new package to the stage. With COVID-19, her show was unfortunately cancelled – how did she react? How is she coping? What strategies does she recommend?

Tune in to find out!


Allison’s Favourite Program:

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Interview with SickKids Nurse COVID-19


COVID-19 Nurse Talks About Health + Wellness

In the “Hot Seat” with Karen Charpentier

Karen Charpentier has been part of Team Bunny since the fall of 2018. She has been one of the most active, supportive members of our community – from attending our CBT Retreats and social events, to setting up coffee dates with our other members that needed support and a listening ear. Karen completed her 1-to-1 coaching program, with new found confidence to get back into Triathlons. Currently, Karen is crushing The At-Home Training Program, in addition to our Private FB Group “100 Rep Daily Challenges.”

Karen’s Hot Seat Interview couldn’t come at a better time – for she is a front-line Nurse at SickKids Hospital. 

Tune in and listen to Karen’s interview where we talk about:

  • Karen’s back story
  • Her divorce
  • Her experience working at SickKids during COVID-19
  • Her suggestions on how to stay safe and healthy during COVID-19

Karen’s Facebook Handle: https://tinyurl.com/wdc89h3

Resources Karen recommends:

SickKids: https://tinyurl.com/uzrlght

CTV News: https://www.ctvnews.ca