Helping women learn sustainable
weight loss skills!

Helping Women Learn Sustainable Weight Loss Goals.

Jill Bunny Life Story

I teach sustainable diet, training and mindset skills to effectively achieve and maintain weight loss goals.

Hey there! My name is Jill Bunny, professional athlete turned mental health professional. I help women change their relationship with their bodies by teaching sustainable fitness techniques they can use long-term.

I do this through simple, effective methods that are taught in the Neuro-Slim Solutions course and exclusive 1-to-1 Neuro-Slim coaching sessions!

As a cancer survivor and someone who lives with MS, I know the struggles that can come with life while trying to stay fit, healthy and energetic. I will teach you how to think differently so that your sabotaging thoughts no longer hold you back from achieving your fitness goals. It is time to live a life full of confidence, energy, passion and purpose.

A Little Backstory

9 years ago, at the age of 25, I moved back to Canada from the UK. Divorced, jobless, financially broke and extremely underweight, I needed to take a “step-back” and move back in with my parents. I felt like I had failed at life and had no idea what my purpose was or if I even had the strength to keep going.

But, deep down, I knew I had something to give to this world. I just didn’t know what it was – YET! So, I grabbed a fitness magazine, went down by the lake, and asked myself, “What should I do now?” Flipping through the magazine, I had my calling. I was going to be a fitness competitor/model. I was going to be strong – both physically and mentally. I was going to be a role model and help other women find their personal power. Yes, health and fitness was going to be my purpose! (Besides, I had been to University and built up a hefty resume of fitness, nutrition, and specialty certifications such as yoga, Pilates, and CrossFit.)

Within 6 years, I graced multiple magazine covers and publications, won 4 IFBB Bikini Titles, and landed numerous sponsorships. I was on top of the world – I had a fit body, dominated the competition stage across the globe and was known as one of the top competition-prep coaches. But in life, as we know, we get thrown unexpected curve balls. Once again, I was not mentally ready for what was about to happen.

"We don’t grow on our easiest days, we grow on our hardest days. Even if we are facing challenges, there are opportunities to learn and to develop."

The Big C – I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Within 6 months, I lost my identity as an athlete, gained over 50lbs and watched my “fitness friends” leave me high and dry because I was no longer of “value” or had “status”. This spiralled me into a deep depression.

I had pulled myself out of the darkness before, but could I do it again? I saw one major problem, I couldn’t physically push myself through this. I needed to mentally LEVEL UP; but I didn’t have the skills.

My solution? I began to immerse myself in every self-help book I could find. This eventually led me down the path of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) both at University and through courses at the Beck’s Institute. Learning this technique helped me to understand and change my sabotaging thoughts – which helped me to lose the thyroid cancer weight, and feel a new found confidence that stemmed from the inside! Which brings me to what I do NOW…

My Mission Going Forward...

Today, I continue to transform the lives of women, but with a serious upgrade. After 15 years in development, the Neuro-Slim Solution was created, including the 3 step proprietary system to help women lose weight sustainably. The program focuses on long-term brain health, to help reduce the negative effects dieting can have on cognition. (I am about taking preventative measures to fight against dementia and Alzheimer’s when wanting to lose weight, not increase the risk.) 

Through my extended education in Functional Medicine and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), I understand that to lose weight and maintain it long-term, we have to go beyond just a quick fix “diet and training” approach. After seeing how impactful psychology based tools are to obtaining fitness results, I decided to go back to University to complete my Masters in Counselling Psychotherapy.  

"A healthy mind and body need consistent realistic behaviors."

My mission is to help women make lasting changes in both their behaviour and their thinking. How? I love working 1-to-1 (having real conversations with my clients). I will carry out my purpose and teach my step-by-step approach to long-term health and happiness.

There is not a shadow of a doubt that I am living out my purpose.  

Learn how to train your brain to lose 20lbs, without obsessing over calories, the scale, or data on your fit-bit. 

In the 30 minute webinar I will share:

  • How to hop on the scale with confidence… even after a night of drinking
  • Why some women can avoid tracking calories, miss workouts and still fit into their favourite jeans (Hint: it’s not genetics)
  • A common mistake many women make when they ‘eat clean’ that can sabotage their results
  • The surprising reason why a lot of high achieving women may have a hard time slimming down… and how to avoid it