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My One Wish This Christmas…

My one wish for Christmas, is for you to let go of what you think a fitness transformation is supposed to be and embrace the one you are on… by listening to your HEART.

(Post is dedicated to J.T. Bibby)

I originally told myself that I would be taking the day off… It’s Christmas and only 4:30am. With no responsibilities today, I gave myself an all-access pass to relax and sleep in. Since that didn’t happen, I began my morning with a coffee, and read my Grandfather’s journal. (I received them last night from my Mum as a Christmas gift). For those that do not know me very well, my Grandfather past three years ago at the age of 96. He was my best friend. Today, he spoke to me, just like he did each and every day he was alive. He spoke to me through his journal entry, talking about the hearts anatomy and physiology.

I see it now Grandad, how you used the heart as a metaphor for life. I want to share what I believe my Grandad was talking about back in 1949 and apply it to my love for health and fitness.

Here it goes:

You have a heart that is currently thumping away, beating to its own drum. (Pause for a moment and place your palm against your chest – feeling your beautiful unique heartbeat). Right now, your heart holds a set of lyrics, waiting to be sung. Right now, your heart has built walls, so that you can be brave. It wants you to show up with bravery, so you allow others to be brave as well.

Your heart makes you authentic. Trading in your heart for a replica of someone else’s may induce anxiety, depression, disordered eating, addiction, rage, blame and resentment. Sacrificing your own beating heart for the sake of what you think you should “look like” just isn’t worth it.

Being true to your HEART is the best gift you can give yourself, and the people you love. When you no longer try to be perfect from head to toe, embodying thinness, kindness and modesty to everyone, you will have more time, attention, love and connection for the IMPORTANT people in your life.

Allow your heart to guide your health and fitness goals. Allow your heart to pump authenticity and bravery into your day. Go against the grain of “fitness culture” and put heart at the forefront of your day.

This Christmas, ask your heart:

  1. Who do I become when I feel my fitness goals are threatened? Who do I become when I feel backed into a corner of shame, guilt and sabotage?
  2. How do I protect myself?
  3. Who do I call to help get me through my mess and turmoil?
  4. What is the bravest thing I could do for myself when I feel like giving up?

The Truth:

Your heart is not meant for the fly-by night fitness transformation coaches that are popping up on social media left, right and centre… promising the world. (Your heart knows better – listen to it).  Your heart is first and foremost meant FOR YOU! To allow your heart to be trusted with a coach should NEVER be taken lightly. It is a privilege, for that coach.

Ask yourself before you hire or seek out any coach in 2021…

Do I believe they have earned the right to hear my heart’s story?

You do not need an army to protect and serve your heart. You do not need social media gratification or shout outs from your coach (that is only to boost their heart’s ego – not yours). Your heart deserves more – way more than what you have been giving it. Honour your heart – honour your health – honour your life.

I hope that in time, your heart begins to trust me. That I earned the right to hear your story, and help you fulfill your hearts unique health and fitness desires in 2021.

Merry Christmas from my heart to yours.

Jill Bunny



Jill Bunny


As a cancer survivor and someone who lives with MS, I know the struggles that can come with life while trying to stay fit, healthy and energetic.