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Forgive… and Get Fit!

When I thought about starting another weight loss journey, I immediately thought about diet plans, and hours at the gym. All the sacrifices to get in shape.

But when I started my weight loss journey with Jill (Two years ago, Jill showed me there was something else just as important as changing my eating and exercise habits.) Forgiveness.

You see, for so many years I beat myself up for not taking good care of my body. How did I let myself get to 252 pounds? Why did I eat this or that? Why didn’t I go to the gym?

I would get so caught up in my own guilt and shame that I would soothe myself by overeating…the very thing I was beating myself up for! It was a vicious cycle that kept repeating itself over and over again.

Then came the summer of 2016, when a diabetes diagnoses put everything into perspective. I finally realized that my weight was slowly killing me by putting me at higher risk of stroke, heart disease and an early death.

The good news: I had the power of choice to change it. But first, I had to forgive myself for years of poor choices.

Here’s the thing about the past. We cannot go back and change it. It’s impossible. Reliving those moments in our minds can sometimes lead to repeating them.

We can only learn from the past and use our mistakes as tools to help us grow. Something Jill has helped me with immensely.

Grow from the past, don’t live there. Nearly 2.5 years and 100 pounds later- on my health and fitness journey, forgiveness remains one of the most important tools. Trust me, there are days I still struggle with eating right and exercising. But on bad days I find comfort in forgiveness, and freedom in forgiving myself, too.

Forgive yourself and get fit!

– Sarah


As a cancer survivor and someone who lives with MS, I know the struggles that can come with life while trying to stay fit, healthy and energetic.