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63 Years Fit! Interview with Front Line No Frills Manager Cathie!

Cathie Leahy is one of the many inspiring women to join Team Bunny; and at 63, she proves that age is just a number! I have had the pleasure of coaching Cathie for this past year – with our goal of doing a photoshoot. We were planning to do a photoshoot retreat in Arizona this June… but COVID-19 hit.

And, you know what… she hasn’t skipped a beat! Yes Cathie is in her 60’s, working in the front lines helping manage her husbands grocery store. Before COVID-19, Cathie has not missed a workout the entire year we have worked together… and the pandemic didn’t stop her. Tune in to learn how Cathie is handling working on the front lines, while also ensuring she makes her health and fitness goals a priority.

Cathie’s favourite program(s) that have been a big help to her health and fitness transformation and year long consistency has been the 1:1 coaching that includes weekly accountability check-ins (which I LOVE reading!) and the 4 Week CBT-Fit Course – which she is currently completing for the 3rd time – and now… with her staff at No Frills.

Thank you Cathie, for taking the time to speak to our listeners – I know we will all be cheering you on as we plan our next photoshoot retreat, and we obtain the goal of doing a photoshoot –  and getting published. (Oh wait, was that my goals for you?)

Lots of Love,

Jill Bunny



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As a cancer survivor and someone who lives with MS, I know the struggles that can come with life while trying to stay fit, healthy and energetic.