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5 Thing I Never Say To My Depressed Clients

Depression is a common illness worldwide, with more than 264 million people affected (Quoted from the World Health Organization). Coaches often assume that a comment that might make them feel better on a bad day will do the same for someone who’s depressed. That’s just not the case. Depression is more than the blues. Here are a few statements I refrain from saying to the clients I work with that suffer from depression:

1. I Know Exactly How You Feel.

2. You Need to Exercise.

3. It’s All In Your Head.

4. Just Think Positive.

5. Do You Know How Lucky You Are?


“Learn how to make changes in your thinking so that you can make permanent changes in your eating.”

If you are feeling depressed and would like to have a compassionate coach support you, check out the CBT-FIT 1:1 Coaching Program. Emergency slots have opened up for COVID-19.



As a cancer survivor and someone who lives with MS, I know the struggles that can come with life while trying to stay fit, healthy and energetic.