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CBT-Fitness Virtual Group Coaching? Is This For You?

Virtual CBT-Fitness Health Coaching for corporations is a powerful tool in assisting employees with anxiety and depression. The support and feedback of group coaching can lessen symptoms of overwhelm/worry, improve functionality and will help make employees’ return to work possible when the quarantine band is lifted.

The virtual group CBT-Fitness coaching is the solution to companies having to suddenly shift to having to work from home. The program provides group sessions focused on feelings of anxiety and depression through secure video conference technology. It is a blend of psychotherapy (CBT skills), mindfulness, nutrition and fitness education. The goal of the coaching calls is to enhance resiliency and navigate COVID-19 challenges and improve functionality and balance while working at home.

Our CBT-Fitness Corporate Group Coaching Program has many benefits, including: 

  • Helping to ease social isolation and provide practice for interacting with others.
  • Helping employees realize they are not alone in their struggles.
  • Providing an opportunity to practice CBT-Fitness skills and receive feedback in a safe environment.
  • Providing an opportunity for employees to talk about their challenges and receive perspective from fellow coworkers.

What are companies saying about the program?

“Although we were hesitant to opt in for a wellness package at such an uncertain time; my partners agreed that the health and wellness of our staff’s mental and physical state was of utmost importance. Transitioning to working at home, is not easy – and then add a pandemic into the mix. Jill has been our go to over the past month – and has kept our staff’s mood optimistic and hopeful. We feel even closer as a company than ever before.” 

“Jill has worked with one of our employees for many years, and was kind enough to offer her CBT-Fit Course as a way to help ease the burden of mental stress during the COVID-19 pandemic. After starting the course myself for the first time, I knew that I wanted to do more for the employees who needed a more hands on approach. For the past 2 weeks, Jill has been conducting coaching calls for our employees. Since starting the calls, I have noticed more “smiles” and an increase in productivity. We will be continuing these calls for the next three months with Jill, so that we can transition back to work with the essential support and guidance that is needed.”


I would love to see how CBT-Fitness Skills can help your company thrive. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me and I will help choose the right virtual group CBT-Fitness program for your company.

Kind Regards,

Jill Bunny

Jill Bunny


As a cancer survivor and someone who lives with MS, I know the struggles that can come with life while trying to stay fit, healthy and energetic.