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Interview: Brittany McEachern Front Line Physiotherapist


Interview with Team Bunny Athlete:

Brittany McEachern Front Line Physiotherapist


Learn how Brittany is sticking to her goal of competing on stage – while working in the Hospital doing COVID-19 – as a physiotherapist.

Brittany started working with Team Bunny to prepare for her fitness competition – which has unfortunately been postponed until September.  Although her hours are longer and the demand at work is more risky and stressful – Brittany remains focused on her PERSONAL GOALS She even ensured the staff hospital gym remained open (with strict rules) so the workers could practice self-care!

Brittany’s favourite program that was included in her 1-to-1 coaching: 4 Week CBT-Fit Course. (Right now you can start your CBT independent learning course and save an additional $50 using code CBT2020).



As a cancer survivor and someone who lives with MS, I know the struggles that can come with life while trying to stay fit, healthy and energetic.