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Jill Bunny Online Weight-Loss Coach

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Jill Bunny

For the past 15 years, Jill has been transforming women’s brains and bodies as a pioneer online health expert. Jill is devoted to supporting women who have decided that they want to change their unsustainable dieting and training mentality. 

As a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach and CBT-Neuroscience expert, Jill is known for designing the Neuro-Slim program that transforms women’s relationships with food and weight fixations. With her guidance on nutrition, training and mindset; she will reduce stress and self-sabotage when it comes to sticking to a sustainable fitness plan!

The Neuro-Slim Solution

 The 3-step system that helps women step on the scale with confidence… without obsessing over calories, the scale, or data on their fit bit!

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Create a Weight Loss Mindset That Wins!

To lose weight, yes we have to change what we eat. But if we want to make weight loss a permanent change, we also have to understand why we eat. In this episode we will dive into: How thoughts cause our feelings Why avoiding negative feelings causes a desire to eat How the “child” brain affects the “adult” brain … Read more