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Weight loss is a complex minefield for some women, while for others it’s all about following a structured eating and workout plan. Psychological and nutritional support is the optimal formula for weight loss. Our weight loss programmes combine therapy with fitness coaching for amazing weight loss, and life changing, results.

Jill Bunny Online Weight-Loss Coach

CBT-Fitness Health Coach

Jill Bunny

For the past 15 years, Jill has been transforming women’s bodies as a pioneer online fitness expert. Jill is devoted to supporting women who have decided that they want to change their unsustainable dieting and training mentality. 

As a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach and CBT-Fitness expert, Jill is known for designing programs that transform women’s relationships with food and weight fixations. With her step-by-step guidance on nutrition, training and mindset; she will reduce anxiety and self-sabotage when it comes to sticking to a sustainable fitness plan!

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Fitness Education Matters

Team Bunny was created for one simple reason, to create the most effective and sustainable method of online weight loss coaching for women. We offer the highest possible level of qualified health and fitness coaching. Jill is distinguished by her ability to practice what she preaches. She walks the walk. Talks the talk, and lives the healthy lifestyle she advocates for her clients.

She is also highly experienced and very well qualified academically. After graduating in Kinesiology from UNB, Jill has continued to educate herself, with certifications in Functional Medicine, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Yoga. She is also enrolled at the University of Yorkville to obtain her Masters degree in Counselling Psychology. She knows how to extract the very best results from clients; even those that battle with Depression, Anxiety and Binge Eating Behaviors. 


Client Success

The Mental Health Benefits of Working Out

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