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Discover the three step system that will help you step on the scale with confidence, without restrictive dieting, doing excessive exercise, or using calorie counting apps!

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Jill Bunny

For the past 15 years, Jill has been transforming women’s brains and bodies as a pioneer online health expert. Jill is devoted to supporting women who have decided that they want to change their unsustainable dieting and training mentality. 

As a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach and CBT-Neuroscience expert, Jill is known for designing programs that transform women’s relationships with food and weight fixations. With her guidance on nutrition, training and mindset; she will reduce stress and self-sabotage when it comes to sticking to a sustainable fitness plan!

The Neuro-Slim Solution

 The 3-step system that helps women step on the scale with confidence… without obsessing over calories, the scale, or data on their fit bit!

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Perception And Your Relationship With Food

To help you feel empowered, let’s begin by talking about mindset and how you relate to food. When trying new things, there is always the concern of self-sabotage or just getting in our way. Self-sabotage and fear all stem from the beliefs you hold, your current perception, how you define yourself, your abilities, and outside … Read more